Royal biographers Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say they should stop complaining after a successful royal exit: ‘Why rumble?’

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    Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, decided to leave their royal duties behind and take this step successfully. Royal biographer Angela Levine believes that Prince Harry and Meghan should now stop complaining about their past experience in the royal family because they remain publicly “upset” about it.

    Oprah Winfrey interviewed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for Primetime Special via Joe Hargillis via Harpy Productions / Getty Images

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ruled out

    Talked with levin talkRADIO A year later, about Prince Harry and Meghan’s exit, and said the pair had done very well since their move. She Wonder why Sussex people keep complaining However, about things, because they have a beautiful house and projects that will give them an income.

    “They said on their Instagram account that they were stepping back and didn’t want to be a member of the royal family, but they would like to pop in occasionally and move in with patrons, the charity they support,” Levine. Explained “And the queen said, ‘Well you can’t do that, but let me give you a year’ and very grandmother was the queen.”

    She Continued, explaining how the queen supported Sussex. “It was extraordinary that he would allow him to use his title, but not HRH, for a year,” Levine noted. “They always had the right to come back straight away. If they wanted to, they were very much in love. And although he was greatly insulted, in my view, he behaved with his normal dignity.”

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    The biographer believes that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should put things behind them

    Levin’s major criticism of the couple is that, by all accounts, it appears that Prince Harry and Meghan have made a successful exit, where they will exit the royal spotlight.

    “So here we have an avalanche to work both of them and apparently in a grand house with 16 bathrooms,” she explained. “They’ve got Netflix, they’ve got Spotify, they’ve got books to write, they’ve got these two big jobs that Harry got and think they’re going to rake in millions.”

    “Meghan seems to be moving towards a political career and so you’d think, in terms of them, they were very happy, very successful,” she continued. “And on a personal level, they had little Archie who is about two and another child on the way.”

    “So why bother, but they’re still happy,” Levin said. “All they wanted was their freedom, their ability to make money, and privacy. Well they’ve dug in two and they’ve managed one, but they are still complaining that Prince Charles is harrying Not paying any money at age 36. “

    Is Sussex exercising its ‘royal prerogative’

    In addition, Levine spoke of Sussex to use “royal prerogative” to his advantage.

    “She says she does not want to be royals and they are not royals, but they are using every opportunity to take advantage of royal prerogative,” she explained.

    Levin said, “I wouldn’t mind if they accepted it, rather they are lamenting about their lives.”

    Levine later addressed whether Prince Harry and Meghan should retain their Duke and Duchess titles. “I don’t think so,” he said.

    “If you are very rude about this country and you are very rude about your family in public, then I don’t think you should make any use of it,” Levin explained. “And it’s obviously a very good way to earn a lot of money and give a lot of publicity to companies.”

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