Royal staff fear redundancy via ‘death clause’ after passing of the Queen

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According to former allies, with the new king taking over, the staff of uckingham Palace may be shaken.

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Former royal aides told The Times they had been awarded contracts that expired six months after the Queen’s death.

He said that in the grace period of six months following the death of the emperor, he could either be retained by the new king, re-appointed within the royal family, or made redundant.


One told The Times: “Each house has its own retainer of top advisors and when the sovereign is gone it becomes a duplication of staff.”

Uncertainty came to light when it was revealed that Clarence House staff had been threatened with axe during a moving Thanksgiving service for the Queen in Edinburgh.

The queen passed away last Thursday

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The Guardian revealed that dozens of Clarence House employees were served notices of redundancy threats while they worked round-the-clock in the wake of King’s accession.

The private secretary, the finance office, the communications team and other loyal domestic staff were among the recipients of the letter, while a thanksgiving service for the Queen was taking place at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh on Monday.

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) condemned the decision to declare redundancies during the mourning period, calling it “nothing short of unkind”.

Following the death of the Queen, Charles’ office would move from Clarence House to the nearby monarchy’s headquarters, Buckingham Palace.

The Guardian reported that employees were shocked and shaken by the announcement.

A Clarence House spokesman said: “Following last week’s accession, the home of the former Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall has ceased to operate and, in accordance with the law, a consultation process has begun.

“Our employees have provided long and loyal service and, while some redundancies will be inevitable, we are working urgently to identify alternative roles for the largest number of employees.”

Any employee being made redundant will be offered additional redundancy pay, and no employee will be affected for at least three months.


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