On February 2, in what would be his final live show on the Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) network, the iconic radio host Rush Limbaugh gave a caller advice on seeing his own career, and gave the program to President Fiden with a warning. Against stripping blue collar workers.

Limbaug, who died Wednesday at the age of 70, began the program by telling leaders of The Lincoln Project about his relationship with disgraced co-founder John Weaver.

Later in the program, Limbaugh called Sarah in Glendale, Erie, who expressed disappointment with state and local Republican Party representatives.

Sarah reported that she and her husband had moved to Arizona from New York City because they did not feel represented as conservative. However, she said she still found it difficult to be politically active in her new home.

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Limba replied that the concept of working from bottom to top had become an old idea in modern politics and society.

“I think that, clearly now, is BS,” he said. “When I was younger, it worked like this. That’s the only way you can move forward, unless you know someone, because there are more people everywhere.”

“You started small and you had to prove yourself every step of the way.”

Limbaugh took his hometown of Cape Girardo to Mo.

“Then I got a job at a suburban station in Pittsburgh,” he said, noting that his affection for the Pittsburgh Steelers stems from his time.

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“You just climbed the ladder, the way you expected to get a break, and I didn’t get mine for 20 years [until] Sacramento, 1984 – and that’s just how you did it.

However, Limbaugh said, recently the resentment of retail investors raising the stock prices of companies like GameStop and AMC has shown that the working man can earn thousands of dollars in a single day.

“Some people earned on GameStop enough money to keep their children in college for four years a day. It’s not necessarily generationally – you can still start small, gain experience and You can make yourself.

“I will apply the same thing to politics here. It used to be that way. You have to move forward in electoral politics.”

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For the show, Limbaugh reflected on an interview Granthshala News had that morning with several former workers of the Keystone XL pipeline who Biden revoked permission for the project.

“What do you think the Democrat Party is? It’s clear as a bell that they have no desire to extend your life. They are doing a job away from you,” Limbo said. “This is what Biden and his administration are hell-bent on doing. They want you to depend on them, a ward of the state. You don’t have enough power to oppose them.”

“Odds are,” Limbagh added later, “There are a lot of people who have voted for Biden who had no idea what he was going to do and what was yet to come, and so I say they go ahead.” Have been – and it’s not going to take them long, and it’s not going to be pretty when all kinds of people are going to start knowing it. “

In the final seconds of the show, Limbaugh asked his producer that he was on “standby” to host the day’s program when he was called out at the last minute due to his medical condition.

He The guest host waiting in the wings was constantly informed of Mark Stein.

“Thank you for standing up today, Mr. Stein,” Limbaugh said. “We will be back soon.”