Russian commanders becoming ‘increasingly concerned about operational set-backs’

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US forces are attacking dams in Ukraine to flood Ukrainian military crossing points amid concerns of battlefield failures, UK intelligence has said.

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The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in its daily briefing that “the strikes were unlikely to cause significant disruption to Ukrainian operations due to the distance between damaged dams and war zones”.

It said Russian forces attacked the Penchenihi Dam on the Siversky Donets River on Wednesday and Thursday with ballistic missiles or similar weapons, after attacking a dam near Krivy Rih in central Ukraine last week.


The MoD said: “Ukrainian forces are moving forward along both rivers. As Russian commanders become increasingly concerned about their operational failures, they may be attempting to attack the sluice gates of the dams to flood Ukrainian military crossing points.

It comes as thousands of people are attempting to leave Russia in neighboring countries to avoid recruitment.

Long queues erupted on Finland’s southeastern border with Russia on Friday, with more than double the number of Russians moving into the Nordic country from a week earlier.

Similar sightings were reported along the border with Kazakhstan, which has also seen an increase in the number of arrivals from Russia.

The exodus comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced an expeditionary campaign this week to send more troops to fight in the war in Ukraine.

Border guards in Finland said about 7,000 people arrived from Russia on Thursday, of whom about 6,000 were Russians. This was an increase of 107 percent from the same day a week ago, and the number continues to rise.

The Finnish land border crossing is one of the few entry points into Europe for Russians after several countries closed their airspace to Russian aircraft in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.


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