A prominent Russian scientist working on a COVID-19 vaccine was stabbed with a knife after falling to his window in St. Petersburg, according to news reports.

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According to the Russian newspaper, Alexander “Sasha” 45-year-old, Kagazski, was in his underwear when he fell to his death from a 14th-floor apartment. Moskowski Komsomolates.

Police said the scientist was also hurt.

Police believe the scuffle occurred before Kaganski collapsed from the building, the report said.

Russian police say they consider Kaganski’s death a possible murder and are questioning the 45-year-old man as a possible suspect, e2news.com said.

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Kagansky, known for his work on cancer research, was an assistant professor at Vladivostok and spent 13 years working in Edinburgh, Scotland until 2017, the outlet said.

He was most recently working as director of the Center for Genomic and Regenerative Medicine at the Far Eastern Federal University of Russia.

E2news said that it was working on developing a vaccine against coronavirus.

The report states that Kaganski’s body was found by a neighbor on Zamsheen Street.