It is her word against him, but 21-year-old Alona Kitayeva’s testimony about her treatment at the hands of police was powerful after Sunday’s protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin. She Describes how scared she was.

“I was alone in the room with those four men, the officers, and one said, ‘How would you like a bag over your head?”

According to Kitayeva, an officer placed a plastic grocery store bag – lying on the floor – over his head and police continued to “strangle” him lightly until he told them his cellphone passcode. Then, they proceeded to dig into her contacts and personal data, she said.

Kitabeva also claimed that the policeman harshly interrogated her and gave herself some scratches and said that she would say that she had done so. Injury to an officer would put him in further trouble with the law. And, he reportedly indicated that his colleagues would support him.

Kityeva works for Lubov Sobol, an aide to Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny and himself a political figure, now under house arrest.

“I have thought about it a lot. I would like to say that I am not afraid and that is all, but after that night, I am afraid and without a Navalni, I do not expect the protest to regain their force.” Will do, because these Damans remember the time of Stalin, when they only surrounded the office door and tortured people, “continued Kitayeva.

Thousands arrested in pro-nationwide protests in Russia

She You will get time to think more about it. The latest reports are that he has been sentenced to 12 days in custody for “violating traffic rules”.

Navalny and his wife, Yulia, chant “We should not be afraid,” but after detaining about 11,000 people, who participated in demonstrations protesting their protests, there should be little more than a few fears. Russian Pictures of beating with police poles, dragging people across the ice and out of cars, and stories like Katyeva portray an ugly picture of repression, about which the Kremlin has no qualms, these “illegal rallies” It is necessary to emphasize drastic measures.

Doctors who employ a naval under 55 years

When asked specifically about some cases, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the claims were false and exaggerated. “Some such reports eventually become untrue or fake or exaggerated. One has to be very accurate.” He It was added that the government would be willing to look into the grievances of those who believed that their rights had been trampled.

Meanwhile, detention centers are filled for overflow. Human rights activists have prohibited the supply of food, water, and toiletries to the still-closed people in supplies, food, water and toiletries, including Sergey Smirnov, editor-in-chief of independent website Media Arizona, whom they like 25 days were given to appear. A rock musician at one of the 23 January rallies that attracted tens, if not hundreds, across the country. Officially, Smirnov has been accused of “abetting participation in unauthorized rally”.

Office of Police RAID NAVALNY, Office

What is different from Soviet times: all this is being documented, from arrest to lock-up conditions. Anastasia Vasileeva, Navalni ophthalmologist (recalls, he was blinded in one eye when he threw green acid paint about a year ago) and the head of the Doctors Alliance Union taken at the time of his arrest, went viral. She A Beethoven piano concert was performed peacefully as a group of officers were lobbying his foyer.

Biden's voices concern Putin with naval disturbance

There have been appeals from people who claimed that they had to spend the day in a police van while waiting for processing. It is cold, and they have little opportunity to use the facilities.

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Navalny has appealed to the Russians to speak up and stand against corruption. Putin and power centers are fewer in number than the population at large, and the police certainly cannot arrest everyone, he argues. It is clear that the 11,000 raised in the last few weeks represent a logical challenge to law enforcement.

In the meantime, Navalni’s team has asked people to stand down now, stating that much cruelty and heavy-handedness has been used against the protesters, and it is time for a break. Navalni’s supporters said that the demonstrations would resume in the spring and in the meantime, they would try to get every world leader to discuss nothing other than moving forward with Putin. This is clearly a stretch. But, it is fair to say that every Western leader this week is talking about Alexei Navalny and calling for his release, as well as the release of those who have been raised to support him has gone.

Granthshala News’ Vicky Choi contributed to this report.