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A disturbing and bizarre YouTube channel attributed to Sammy Williams, a 39-year-old “homeless drifter” accused of randomly stabbing 14-year-old Ryan Rogers of Palm Beach Gardens, is the suspect’s severe paranoia and Demonstrates mental performance. health issues.

Police sources tell Granthshala News Digital that a YouTube channel bearing Williams’ name and image belongs to the accused killer. In hundreds of short cellphone videos, he complains that he is stalked, abused and harassed by members of the public and police – often accusing passersby of being members of the secret police, racists and cults. .


Multiple agencies are involved in the investigation, which is led by the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department. Officials there declined to answer questions about their authenticity.

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Ryan Rogers Murder Suspect Sammy Williams Had Long Florida Rap Sheet, Sentenced in Georgia

They are captions and described methods describing scenarios that the video doesn’t seem to support. Many are titled simply “gang chases”, while others allege racism, “child endangerment” and “potential criminal activity”.

A video, posted on the night of the murder and depicting a dark road after sunset, is titled “First Blood 1982”. In it, the narrator claims that unidentified women are following him and that police and security guards are “violent” with him.

“You know, prostitutes who dress up to kill people,” he says. “Like I don’t know these women.”

In another shocking clip posted on November 16 – the day Williams allegedly stabbed Ryan under the I-95 overpass – a video declared “My next film will be ‘Blade 3:16′”. ” Posts at the time appear to show her the filming site in Palm Beach Gardens—about 80 miles from where officers later picked her up in Miami.

Ryan Rogers Murder: Florida Police Identify ‘Dangerous Monster’, Arrested for Unprovoked Stabbing

In others, he claims that police and civilians repeatedly abducted him and that criminals were “distorting” his face and “accusing evidence” on him.

The videos often don’t show anything related to the claims they made – instead capturing scenes of cars, grass and sidewalks crossing. In one, he walks up to a stranger and asks if the man is following him.

The man says no.

Police announced the charges against Williams on Thursday morning, after they said their counterparts in Miami had detained them in connection with Ryan’s death.

Florida murder: Accused arrested for murder of 14-year-old boy, police call ‘deliberate act’

Palm Beach Garden Police Chief Clinton Shannon accused Williams of stabbing the teen in “a random act” for no apparent purpose.

According to officials, Ryan left his home on a bicycle at around 6:39 pm on November 15. When he did not return till 10:30, his parents informed him about his disappearance.

According to a criminal complaint, minutes before Ryan and Williams crossed paths at 7:31 p.m., surveillance video showed a man believed to be Williams was approaching the I-95 overpass on Central Boulevard, where Ryan was later found. The body was found.

According to the complaint, the teenager was “knife on the head and face several times.” Police found headphones from the scene, which they said contained Williams’ DNA.

When they arrested him in Miami, he reportedly had a blood-soaked bandana, which tested positive for Ryan’s DNA.

In an interview with the police, Williams denied any role in the crime. However, police said they had evidence of him being kept in Palm Beach Gardens at the time of the attack.

Williams is being held without bail on charges of first-degree murder.

YouTube did not return calls or emails seeking comment on the video channel, which remains accessible.