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According to reports, a projectile from a shotgun used by actor Alec Baldwin on the set of the film “Rust” on Thursday passed through the body of the film’s cinematographer before hitting the film’s director.

The New York Post and the Hollywood website Showbiz 411 both claimed that they received direct accounts from eyewitnesses to the tragic shooting in New Mexico, which led to the death of cinematographer Helena Hutchins and the injury of director Joel Souza.


After the incident, Baldwin appeared to be in shock, a source told Showbiz 411.

Alec Baldwin was told the firearm was unloaded, says search warrant: report

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“In all my years, I have never been given a hot gun,” Baldwin reportedly said, using a term for a firearm with live ammunition.

Granthshala News has not independently confirmed the accounts published by the two outlets.

After the shooting, the set was immediately closed when an ambulance arrived and a helicopter was prepared to take Hutchins to the Albuquerque Trauma Center where he later died. Souza was reportedly released from the Santa Fe hospital after receiving medical treatment, the reports said.

Souza (48) was struck in the area of ​​one of his collarbones, showbiz 411 source said.

At the time of the shooting, Baldwin had “no idea” how badly Hutchins and Souza were injured, A witness told the New York Post.

According to The Associated Press, court documents filed in New Mexico on Friday said that prior to the shooting, Baldwin was told he was being given a “cold gun,” meaning a firearm that was not loaded. it was done.

As per reports, no charges have been framed in the case. The incident is being investigated by law enforcement and an internal review by the company that produced the film.