Jonathan Zacherson, founder of Ropen California School, told “America Reports” on Wednesday that “the same compassion given to migrant children” needs to be extended to American children.

ZACHRESON: Parents are speechless. I understand that the San Diego Office of Education and San Diego teachers have these unconscious migrant children. I only wish that the same compassion was extended to the 130,000 schoolchildren in San Diego who have been left out of the classroom for a year. We have a serious education crisis in California. When we talk of getting our kids back into the classroom and introducing half-ripe hybrid plans in other districts like San Diego, we die by a wide margin, they only open a few hours a week in April. No more opening for instruction.

We have a governor, whose action on schools has made it difficult to open, at the behest of teacher unions, and need to be genuinely introduced to a person’s education, without giving sufficient amount of money in schools. Therefore, these revelations in San Diego are just one more great example of the education crisis in us.

I think those COVID rates are a testament to, as you said, the terms of these facilities. If it is safe to give these children more than 400 times the COVID rates that the California Department of Public Health says it is safe to open, then why are our own schools not open? We were told that teachers needed vaccines, they got them. We were told that they needed the money, they took it. Cases necessary for falling. they did. They were on record lows and every school in California is now clear to open full-time, yet the vast majority do not. So this social contract that we have with these institutions is broken, and so parents are fed up, Democrat parents are fed up and we Gov. Asking to take action on Newsom and mandate K-12 schools to learn full-time in California and if he doesn’t, I know a lot about Democrat parents who remember going to the ballot Will vote against him.

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