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A San Francisco retailer is calling crime in the city “atrocious” as thieves targeted luxury retailers and other stores with massive robberies in recent days. Gump’s owner John Chachas joined “Granthshala & Friends” to discuss the crime wave and share his concerns as a business owner.

The uncle explained, “My concern as a businessman is that you no longer have a working environment when you have people from out of town who are afraid to come to the city because of the rampant crime…more Dirt and dirt.”


San Francisco mayor’s plan to combat flash mob loot will limit access to stores before the holidays

Over the weekend, at least 12 stores, including Louis Vuitton, were ransacked in the city’s famous Union Square, which was reportedly “emptied”.

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Uncle said, “Today, you can steal up to nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars worth of stuff and it’s a misdemeanor, and the people who are doing this know that the police can’t really do anything about it.” ”

“If they did something about it, the district attorney is unlikely to be prosecuted,” he continued. “So unless you change things back to a law-abiding society, you invite this kind of chaos.”

In response to the weekend’s chaos, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced that the city would limit car access to the area in an effort to combat mass looting.

San Francisco Police Lieutenant Tracy McCreary also discussed “Granthshala and Friends” hit a crime wave on Tuesday, arguing that criminals have “no fear” of participating because of the city’s soft-crime approach.

Dozens of San Francisco-area stores, pharmacies hit by mobs robbed: ‘It bothers us all’

“It’s not just prosecution, it’s conviction,” McCray explained. “If I arrest you for a felony, you are convicted of a felony, not a felony, as the DA did before … and if you commit a felony If found guilty, you go to jail.”

MacRae also noted that thieves are struck with quotes, leaving them “then and there,” which encourages criminals to participate in organized mob-robbing.

According to San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott, police presence will be increased until further notice.

Uncle explained, “It just destroys your business, and we have now needed twice to keep our store safe in the last 12 months.” “this is outrageous.”

“We are open and we are ready for people to come,” the uncle said. “San Francisco is our home. Gump has been there one hundred and sixty-five years, but clearly, the city’s leadership has lost its way.”

There were reportedly 80 people who took part in mass looting in San Francisco alone over the weekend, which officials are describing as “organised” efforts.