Board Commissioner Gabriela Lopez said Sunday night that the San Francisco Board of Education is abandoning its plan to rename schools after historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, until students and teachers return.

Lopez wrote, “I also accept and take responsibility for mistakes in the process of renaming the building. We need to reduce and provide more opportunities for community input. Twitter.

Education leaders in San Francisco face backlash amid the coronavirus epidemic calling attention to the renaming of schools. Lopez’s announcement came days after parents began a petition to recall Lopez, Vice President Allison Collins, and Commissioner Fougao Moliga for the politicization of education. San francisco chronicle Reported.

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“We are parents, not politicians, and intend to live that way,” organizer Shiva Raj told the San Francisco Chronicle. “We are committed to ensuring that San Francisco’s public schools provide a quality education for every child in the city.”

He is expected to receive 70,000 signatures on the ballot as a reminder.

A plaque for Roosevelt Middle School was spotted outside the school in San Francisco on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.  (AP Photo / Heaven Delhi)

A plaque for Roosevelt Middle School was spotted outside the school in San Francisco on Wednesday, January 27, 2021. (AP Photo / Heaven Delhi)

“As I talk to parents, I have heard how hard it is to worry about struggling to shut down your child and stay motivated in distance education,” Lopez said in a statement. “We are in talks to get the job done, to get the person back in and I am committed to working for the vaccination, testing and other resources we need.”

Lopez said she was “deeply grateful” for the “anti-caste” work of the naming committee.

“Changing the name of the school … a process was initiated in 2018 which was not feared an epidemic,” he said in a statement.

California Governor Hope Kevin Faulkner renamed San Francisco’s school last week to take over Fayasco.

Faulkner has made reopening of schools an important part of his campaign. On Wednesday, Falconer gave a press conference outside Abraham Lincoln High School, one of 44 San Francisco schools aiming to change the name in recent months because of its links to white supremacy. Schools named after presidents George Washington, William McKinley, James Garfield, James Monroe and Herbert Hoover also formed the chopping block.

“The school board of San Francisco has prioritized the removal of names outside of this school over education that occurs outside of this school. President Lincoln should be celebrated, not canceled. Getting rid of Lincoln and Washington’s name is abusive “Fowler said.

Faulkner’s press conference took place a day after the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) postponed negotiations to safely reopen classrooms.

Granthshala News’ Bradford Betz and Peter Aitken contributed to this report.