School district turns down AG offer to probe alleged shooter Ethan Crumbley’s rampage

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The school district where four students were killed and seven others injured in last week’s mass shooting has turned down a proposal by Michigan’s attorney general to investigate the massacre.

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Michigan AG Dana Nessel said in a statement late Monday that she is “extremely disappointed” that Oxford Community Schools has decided not to allow her office to conduct a third-party investigation into the Oxford High School shooting.

Oxford Community School superintendent Tim Thorne announced in a letter to parents on Saturday that a third party would be involved in dealing with the district’s incidents before suspected teenage gunman Ethan Crumbley opened fire inside his high school on 30 November. investigation was started.


On Sunday morning, DA Nessel said in a series of tweets that she had reached out to lawyers for the district to offer for her department to investigate.

“We have reached out to Oxford Community School District attorneys and offered the services of the Michigan Department of Attorney General to conduct a full and comprehensive review of the 11/30/21 shooting and prior events,” she tweeted. .

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But, on Monday, the DA said that his proposal was rejected by the district authorities.

“I am extremely disappointed that the school district has decided to decline my offer to dedicate the full resources of the Attorney General’s Department to reviewing events until November 30,” DA Nessel said in a statement.

“This tragedy calls for a united effort from all of us who serve the Oxford community.”

Despite the district’s decision, the DA said its department “will continue to support the ongoing criminal investigation in Oakland County and is looking forward to meeting with parents, students and teachers when they are ready to share their thoughts”. .

She continued: “To that end, we are also committed to evaluating opportunities in our department to ensure that students in Oxford and Michigan receive the protection they deserve and that guns are kept out of our schools.” Huh.”

The district has not disclosed the identities of the third parties it tapped to investigate.

However, it comes as school officials are coming under scrutiny after it emerged that the 15-year-old accused shooter was sent back to class hours before he shot and killed his fellow students – his ” Despite the many red flags about “disturbing” behavior.

Prosecutors revealed last week that, the day before the shooting, Ethan was caught looking for ammunition on his phone during a class.

The teenager was sent that day to meet with a school counselor – the first two meetings with staff in the days before the mass shooting – and school staff attempted to contact her parents about the incident, but Didn’t get success.

The next day — the morning of the shooting — a teacher found a disturbing picture of Ethan with a gun, a bullet, a shooting victim and a laughing emoji, according to prosecutors.

On the note were the words “thoughts won’t stop, help me”, “the world is dead” and “my life is worthless”.

Mr Thorne said in Saturday’s letter that the 15-year-old told school staff and counselors that the pictures were for a video game he was designing.

He said that Ethan’s parents James and Jennifer Crumble were called to the school and asked to take their son home, but they refused to do so.

The teenager returned to class and hours later reportedly committed the worst school shooting in America since 2018.

Despite concerns, school officials failed to search his bag or locker.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said Ethan had a gun at the school during that meeting and that officers had a legal right to search his belongings.

Ms McDonald has not ruled out criminal charges against school officials in relation to the massacre.

Ethan was arrested at the scene of the shooting and was charged as an adult on 24 counts, including one count of terrorism and four counts of first-degree murder.

His parents are also now behind bars as Ms McDonald charged them with four counts of involuntary manslaughter on Friday.

The Crumbleys reportedly bought their son the firearm used in the mass shooting on Black Friday as an early Christmas present.

The parents appeared to be on the run after charges were filed, failing to show up for their arrest on Friday before being caught hiding inside an art studio in Detroit, close to the Canadian border.

Now charges could also be brought against artist Andrzej Sikora, who said officers helped the couple hide inside a commercial building.

The Crumbleys are all being held in the Oakland County Jail.


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