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The students will return to school after investigating the threat to close the campus.

North Albany Middle School briefly returned to distance learning on Friday after the school received threats about a possible shooting that day. Fortunately, investigations have identified the person, and students will return to individual classes after the holiday weekend.


Officials in Albany’s City School District confirmed to Granthshala News that the school had received a “confidential report that a man was planning to bring a gun to the school and begin shooting”. The report was received late Thursday evening, so the school contacted the authorities and decided that students will use distance learning on Friday for safety.

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“We immediately notified our Department of Security and the Albany Police Department,” the school wrote in a statement to Granthshala News. “Vincent Thompson and Matt Fargione, district directors and assistant directors for Safe Schools and Violence Prevention, worked with police throughout the night to continue investigating the threat.”

The school confirmed that the investigation continued till Friday morning.

The statement continued, “As a district, we are grateful that our community stepped up and we feel safe reporting this information.” “Creating safe, confidential spaces for our families and community members to provide us with valuable information is an example of how we work together to promote the safety and well-being of our students, faculty, staff, families and community. How do they work?”

The school also took the opportunity to remind parents about the importance of discussing acceptable and unacceptable behavior and how they should feel comfortable reporting “potentially dangerous situations.”

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The statement concluded, “A student behind the threat to North Albany Middle School has been identified. The district will follow the procedures outlined in its student code of conduct to determine disciplinary consequences. We will support our district security staff.” And grateful to Albany. Police Department for their assistance.”