British archaeologists believe they point to the origins of the 5,000-year-old prehistoric Stonehenge ruins.

A team of scientists, led by Mike Parker Pearson of University College London Reported Magazine in antiquity When he discovered a stone enclosure in Presley Hills, Wales, on Friday, he believes he was destroyed and taken 175 miles to Salisbury Plain and back again as Stonehenge. Was organized.


The “von Mowen” site – which had been neglected for years before – left four large bluestones arranged in an arc. Pearson and his researchers uncovered evidence of an additional six holes that originally held a stone in 2018, giving rise to the theory that people had taken them as they flee.

Measuring the diameter of the circular trench at Vun mon, the group found that the trench surrounding the two sites shared the same diameter of about 360 feet.

File photos on this Tuesday 17 December 2013, visitors take photos of the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge, England.

File photos on this Tuesday 17 December 2013, visitors take photos of the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge, England.
(AP Photo / Alastair Grant, File)

Von Mowan – which is Britain’s third largest stone circle – and Stonehenge are the only two Neolithic monuments in Britain that conform to those specialties and examinations Charcoal and sediment Inside the holes suggested that von Mone’s composition could be traced Around 3,400 BC

In addition, the dimensions of the 43 bluestones at Stonehenge – many of which are buried – correspond to the dimensions of four in Von Mön and are of the same type of rock as three of them.

One of the Stonehenge bluestones also has a cross-section that corresponds to one of Von Monn’s intervals.

To further prove their relationship, Pearson found that the entrance of the two circles was aligned Midsummer solstice sunrise – However, the intended purpose of the circle is shrouded in mystery.

Construction of Stonehenge was started in phases Around 3,000 BC

Wiltshire County Monument was built using bluestone and both new and larger Sarsen sandstone.

Stonehenge party discovery thrills experts

Previous researches over the last few decades have shown that while mustard stones were brought from the bus 15 miles away in MarlboroughBlue stone pillars were pulled out from Presley Hills.

In 2019, Pearson and his team gave Evidence of the locations of the two crystalline quarries, prompting them to see von Möw again.

Scientific analysis of human remains at Stonehenge indicated that some of them may have come from Wales, and further excavations are planned to try to make more sense.

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Pearson reported that both Stonehenge were built Remember ancestors Who built it and the first phase of Stonehenge served to unite the people of southern Britain.

“Most people may have escaped, carrying their stones – their ancestral identity – with them, to resume at this other special place,” he said. A news release. “This extraordinary event may have served to unite the people of Eastern and Western Britain.”