Whether you like the window or the aisle on the plane, at some point you’ve probably tried to get up from your seat, only to be jolted back by the wired headset you forgot to remove that still plugged into your armrest. Was. Or maybe it was the clumsy person next to you in your row, delaying Love’s visit by a significant extra 10 seconds.

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Scosche’s flytunes Lets you ditch that archaic cord—which may have inadvertently draped under your seatbelt and over blankets—without asking you to sacrifice your in-flight entertainment. Even better, plugging this device into your armrest allows you and a friend to stream the same movie, show, or music in stereo to two different sets of headphones, instead of having to go between the two of you. oddly divided.

One Button, No Menu

As promised, the device was easy to use. After it fully charged, I pressed the multifunction button to put it into pairing mode, put my headphones in their pairing mode, placed the device and the headphones close to each other, and they paired automatically. Hey, we live in a world where there are quick pairing options: NFC, Android sharp pair And love the infamous iPhone-AirPods connection. So my patience for pairing stuff up through the old process of turning on my phone’s Bluetooth, selecting the desired device from the list, tapping what I want to pair, etc. is thin.


Adding a second headset was just as easy. With one headset already paired and activated, I put the other headset into pairing mode, double-tap the FlyTunes button, and voila. By the way, it’s okay to plug FlyTunes into an audio source before or after the pairing process is complete.

virtually endless use

I actually used this product on a cross-country plane trip. The battery, which they say lasts up to 8 hours, stood fine. And the range was more than what I needed. In fact, I was sitting on top of the wing and (just to be personal for a moment) was able to walk to the toilet in the rear of the plane without losing signal. But that (with or without bathroom brakes) is just one of many use cases, including:

  • watching TV in bed without disturbing your partner
  • Great performance with your favorite earbuds on the fitness machine
  • Keeping the peace with two kids watching a movie on a long car ride
  • mobile gaming
  • Adding wireless functionality to the millions of devices on the planet with an eighth-inch auxiliary audio output jack

it is not a receiver

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To be clear, this tool only supports . Is for transmitting From a single source, such as a TV, laptop, CD player, stereo system, etc. In other words, it is designed for Send Audio from one of those devices to your wireless headphones or speakers. twelve south Airfly Pro can also Receiving Audio. This would be helpful if, say, you were renting a car or boat and wanted to quickly cast audio from your phone (which has Bluetooth) to that vehicle’s speaker system (which might not). But for that added functionality—and longer battery life—that product costs about twice as much as this product.

Should You Buy a Flytunes Wireless Audio Transmitter?

It comes with a carrying pouch and a 4-inch extension cord, which makes it easy to attach to an out-of-the-way jack. I personally pack this handy little Oreo-sized accessory on most trips, especially if I’m flying. It is definitely economical. And especially if you have a great set of wireless earbuds and love to travel, this seems like a no-brainer.

Buy at VeriShop for $29.99.

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