Sean Penn gave a furious letter to employees at his COVID-19 vaccination site in Los Angeles, after which two anonymous workers complained about the online operation.

The Oscar-winning actor monitors what the Center says at Dodgers Stadium, supported by his core (community organized relief effort) nonprofit. The Foundation has received praise over the past year for its rapid reactions to the coronovirus epidemic by providing testing and vaccine centers.

On Friday, at 8 pm, Penn, 60, communicated his fury with two employees by sending an email to his CORE staff, who criticized his operation in the recent comments section. New York Times article. The la times Received and published a copy of the email on Wednesday.

According to the LA Times, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti claimed one of the anonymous employees after moving from the COVID-19 testing site to the vaccination center. The employee complained of “working 18 hours a day, six days per week,” the report said, and “without the opportunity to take a break”. The commenter ordered Garcetti more or less “violating rules of occupational safety and health administration”.

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Sean Penn fired a passionate email to his CORE employees on Friday in response to 'highly visible' complaints from two anonymous employees made online.  The actor called the complaints 'betrayal of all'.

Sean Penn fired a passionate email to his CORE employees on Friday in response to ‘highly visible’ complaints from two anonymous employees made online. The actor called the complaints ‘betrayal of all’.
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Another anonymous employee claimed in the NY Times story about its alleged crispy creme breakfast and subway lunch. Other employees reportedly wrote, “Usually employees don’t get breakfast, just coffee.” The employee alleged that the sandwiches were “not” sandwiches free of sandwiches, and instead “wraps the same old latte every day.”

In his email to staff, Penn spoke of “grave concern” for “broad-based cyber whitening”. He Viewed the “highly visible” complaints as “widespread betrayal of all”.

“Those comments, which claim to have disclosed inaccuracy about our vaccine attempt at Dodger Stadium in a news report, were not only propaganda of deep inaccuracy, but also a personal view of those alleged core staff. Used to provoke those who violate. Everything that keeps us whole, “writes Penn.

The actor suggested that those who are unhappy with CORE’s standards should leave.

Lina George, 59, 28 years old, enrolled in SECRET

“It is said to leave. Leave for the core. Leave for your comrades, who will not leave. Leave for your fellow human beings, who recognize deeply that this is a moment of time. A moment of service that we Everybody must incarnate at some time. Fall. This is my job. And this is your job, “Penn writes.

Actor Sean Penn suggested his unhappy CORE employees to 'quit'.

Actor Sean Penn suggested his unhappy CORE employees to ‘quit’.
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Amidst the “ill-equipped” comments coming out, Penn praises the “extraordinary partnership” that CORE has established, and insists that these partnerships are important to its operation and “not by accident” Hui “nor” overnight “.

“It happened because all the core strategic and operational input made by many of you, and you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with each day,” the email reads.

Sean pen american military running coronasious response america

“So, when two of our ranks decide unilaterally, to instill their desire for dissatisfaction in the low-hanging fruits of cyberspace, and in this situation, register such vulgar criticisms of valuable partners, or the CORE itself. , The only thing they may have contributed to is reducing the influence of the CORE in the fight against COVID-19. An astonishment that could destroy a life-saving enterprise. And anyone who has commanded them, realizes that There is a vitol for every cell in my body. Your actions reflect so damagingly on your brothers and sisters, “his email continues.

Penn has also denied an anonymous employee’s claim about Garcetti ordering an OSHA violation. The actor praised Garcetti as the “hero”.

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“So, let me make this highly clear: With due respect for the official officers and responsibilities of the mayor, no one empowers him to ‘order’ or direct directly to the choral staff. Full stop. His official The authority is exercised through his initiative. A series of orders that, in the case of COVID vaccination programs, he directs through the highly structured and exceptionally well-led Los Angeles Fire Department, with We are partners on the site, ”Penn continues.

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Penn concluded his email with praise from his staff and volunteers, who thus far “rose” amid the epidemic. He Also blamed himself for not communicating more with his staff and volunteers.

“I don’t think I’ve served you well in this mission, to make sure I’m communicating regularly to all of you who are exceptional. I hope that for me, too It is the beginning of a better day, and this is what Penn wrote, “I shall be able to give you my worthy approval from my last extremity.” Those whom I have overlooked, take this as my sincere apology. I shall be the face of masked faces. I will try to look harder to see the people behind them through the sea. No excuses. Only improvements. Let’s call everyone to be the sum of every power that is as great as the parts that make all of you Represent in person. “

Penn established the core for the first time since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. According to its website, CORE succeeded in securing a network of doctors, emergency staff and government officials to take “immediate action” after the crisis and continue to rebuild communities daily.

Nonprofits are also focusing their efforts on helping medical professionals amid the current epidemic. according to Website, Currently CORE’s purpose is to “promote safe and efficient COVID-19 testing for vulnerable populations in Los Angeles.”

The Dodger Stadium site reportedly has 350 staff members and volunteers. The group behind this is also running about 50 COVID-19 test sites across the United States.

A representative for Penn did not immediately re-open Granthshala News’ request for comment.