Security Minister Denies Kwasi Kwarteng Is ‘Telling Porkies’ In Westminster Row With Treasury

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Damien Hinds blamed “unknown sources” for accusing the business secretary of lying.

Damien Hinds denied that Quasi Quarteng is “porky telling” on Monday, despite recent allegations against the Treasury’s trade secretary.


The row comes after Quarteng alleged he was “working very closely” with Chancellor Rishi Sunak and the Treasury to support the energy industry over the global gas shortage.

Shortly after, a Treasury source told Sky: “This is not the first time the Secretary of Trade, Energy and Industry has made things up in interviews.

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“To be clear the Treasury is not involved in any of the talks.”

Sky’s Kay Burley put forward to Border Minister Hinds that Quarteng was “telling porky” when he said talks were progressing.

Hinds replied: “No, not at all.”

Hinds was later contacted about the same topic on LBC, and he reiterated: “I don’t think he [Kwarteng] making things up.”

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari said: “So Sage Sunak is lying?”

Hinds replied: “Wait – government ministers are in touch with each other the whole time, that’s how government works.

Obviously this is a dire situation with the rise in global gas prices.

“Of course, the business secretary, the energy secretary, is going to focus on the industry as a whole, especially its impact on the industry-intensive industry.

“Equally the Treasury is going to focus on the impact on the economy.”

He continued: “This is one of those ‘unnamed sources’ stories that unfold from time to time. [to time].

“I don’t know what that particular conversation was because neither you nor I was in it.”

Ferrari added: “It’s very embarrassing though, isn’t it?”

Hinds said that Quarteng is “taking further talks in the industry and these issues will happen today and that is absolutely correct”.

On Good Morning Britain, Richard Madley also told Hinds that “we don’t know who to believe” in this Westminster line.

Hinds again suggested that the government minister should not be trusted with “unknown sources”, adding: “I don’t know who that source was, and I don’t know why – but the important thing is working closely with the business.” Is.”

Hinds told BBC Breakfast, “I can’t go into it” discussing what the talks between Quarteng and the Treasury would have been.

Labor’s shadow business secretary Ed Miliband claimed that the line itself showed “the government is fighting amongst themselves”.

He said: “It is becoming clearer by the day that the government which put us in this crisis due to a decade of inaction is now paralyzed by the scale of the crisis and cannot get us out of it.

“All the while, it is businesses and families who are paying the price for the government’s refusal, failure, and refusal to understand what our country is facing.”

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