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After a gunman opened fire inside Oxford High School on Tuesday, confusion ensued as students, who feared for their lives, were unsure whether the man knocking on the door was a gunman or actually the Oakland County Sheriff. was the deputy.


A parent shared on Granthshala 2 what their son, a student at Oxford High School, experienced on Tuesday A mass shooting in which three teenagers were killed and eight others were injured.

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The three teenagers killed were identified as 14-year-old Hana St. Juliana, 17-year-old Tate Maire and 17-year-old Madison Baldwin.

The parents, who said their son fled through a window, claim the shooter may have been knocking on classroom doors trying to get students out and said he was with the sheriff’s office.

In the video embedded from TikTok below, you can see confusion in the classroom as students were unsure whether they were safe or not. From the other side of the door, someone shouts “Sheriff’s office, it’s safe to come out.”

One student spoke to the class and said they were “not ready to take that risk just yet.” The voice on the other side said, “Come to the door and see my badge, brother.”

The word ‘bro’ was enough to prompt the suspicious students not to open the door but to run out of the window.

“He said brother. Red flag,” said one student.

Then the students opened a window and climbed out and ran into the courtyard outside.

On the other side of the courtyard, there was an officer inside the door and he said “you are fine”.

One of the eight victims injured was a teacher.

Savannah, a 17-year-old student, said that in her class, she received a text from her boyfriend saying something was wrong.

“We locked the doors, there’s this closet in the classroom, so it was very safe in the classroom, in the back corner,” she said, as she heard gunshots. “I feel like (we got out) about 30 minutes later, the police knocked on the door so we could get out.”

Savannah said students and staff have practiced active shooting in the past.

“Yeah it (helped), everyone was serious (and knew what to do).”

suspected of shooting A 15-year-old hostess was taken into custody around 12:56 pm Without incident, Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe said. He said the suspect is a resident of Oxford Township.

Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe said he was arrested within five minutes of the first 911 call — which came at 12:51 a.m. — by a school deputy there, as well as by a man responding to the scene. had gone.

The pistol used has been recovered, and the suspect was not wearing any body armor.

McCabe said, “He has already invoked his right not to speak. He wants a lawyer, he is not telling us anything at this time.” “We believe he acted alone and don’t believe he planned it with anyone else.”

When asked whether the suspect gave any reason for his motivation, McCabe replied, “I’m not going into it.”

The students hid under desks and put up barricades at the classroom door, parents told Granthshala 2.

A student named Isabel Flores spoke to Granthshala 2 and said she saw one of the victims, a teenage boy, with blood running down his face.

“I was at the back of history where classes were going on, I was going to my class and I heard gunshots and I saw a man bleeding cheeks. And we all ran from behind where There is a pool, through the gym we went back to where the houses were.

“I only heard five gunshots, non-stop, and kept going.”

Another student named Raquel said, “I heard a shot, don’t know what it was. The second shot went through and I just ran away.

“It was pure chaos, nobody wanted to be hit.”

This is a developing story, please stay tuned to Granthshala 2 for details as more information becomes available.