Seeing seers say such things: Psychic’s celebrity predictions for 2022

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Mental john cohn35th year of predictions for me:

• Mick Jagger And Paul mccartneya fight triggers an encounter

• Nora O’Donnell gets its own talk show

• Meemeghan and Prince Empty, Trial Separation. welcome back home

• Matthew Perry In Ireland for contentment and finds a non-showbiz woman

, Jennifer Garner and the boy in her life john miller make a baby

• Gayle King‘New relationship with politician doesn’t work’

• Judge Judy Stars as an actress in a movie. wahto, i mean please, (Even she doesn’t believe it)

• Mamie Van Doren ’50s/’60s sex symbol, now ’90s, makes a song album

• Son of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher Todd brother gets it Ellen he never knew he had

, Eva Longoria Oscar nominee plus lawyer found to prosecute soap opera laurelly bell

, Sean Penn Sued by workers who claim they inflicted mental cruelty

Puring ‘Purple’

“purple colour.” A novel in ’82, Pulitzer won ’83, was Spielberg’11 Oscar nomination film in ’85, as well as a b’way play. This story of a black Southern woman who has been abused by her husband for decades is returning. It is coming to us again. it will be starred Imagination, who was already in one of his avatars, plus Taraji P. Henson, We get it December 2023.

heard here

Q: Why is Flood TV mostly in medical and sickness and disease commercials? , , , someone is seeing Glenn Close Subway ride behind a mask. , , Iceland must melt. Booked for the Holidays is a Tremendous Blow Starring a Stripper main enders , , , The Ex-Club Kid Should Be Thawed Out Too Richie RichBig up with party monster Michael Allig? this magician is acting now retro stinga“Fearless,” whatever it is, in the Producers Club.

farewell dear friend

I knew Sen. Bob Dole. Our last face-to-face meeting and conversation was five years ago. The little things we laughed at didn’t mention him: he and the transport secretary’s wife Elizabeth Attended a big Christie’s gala in a taxi. , , He brought in $3 at an autograph show in ’89. , , His schnauzer dog was named Leader. , , In ’95 someone wrote “Doley has strong trusting roots that he touches on every week”. , , And bill mahero: “Doley went to the opening of the Grand Young Opry.”

all treasures will have its online public auction starting Friday. Kind of Material: A hand-signed Elvis contract for his November 1954 third season at the Memphis Recording Service, a personally written song by Johnny Cash and his signature for “Country Boy”, his first release on Sun Records. The album’s third song was Jerry Lee LewisA July 1957 poster of ‘The Steve Allen Show’, his initial national TV shot. , , And pay attention. Since I’m not a complete freak, here’s even more important information. Anyone know the new term sinophilist? It is a noun. Etymology: From the Greek kyon (dog) + philia (love). Pronunciation: sy-noh-fi-list. Meaning: One who loves dogs.

Look, I told you, I don’t mind reading.

Doctor. rock positano Forwarded a picture of a pile of dirty torn clothes and clogged garbage bags. That morning Q got stuck in the train. His note: “Someone was sleeping under this pile. A patient took this picture on the way to see me and quipped, ‘This is it’ by BlasioVersion of “A Tale of Two Trains”. ,

Only in New York, children, only in New York.


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