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Even global superstars get their ears pierced at the mall.

During a recent Night Out with Friends, indie rock band Girlpool’s Selena Gomez and pals Avery Tucker and Harmony Twidad made up for their loss after a failed trip to Build-A-Bear Workshop—by getting some new body bling. .


while one of the Rare Beauty The founder’s friends opted for a belly button ring, Gomez opted for a helix piercing, which she showed off girlpool tiktok Posted Tuesday.

“Here’s got something,” quipped Gomez, pulling her hair back to reveal the beautiful hoop over her upper ear.

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While the 29-year-old “Only Murders in the Building” actress also has two piercings in each ear lobe, she seems to be more into tattoos than piercings; gomez There are at least 15 different designs Ink was put on his body.

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Many of the bats are religious in nature, including the cross on his collarbone and the prayer hand on his thigh. Others, such as the Roman numeral “LXXVI” on the back of his neck and “1” on his rib, are tributes to family and friends.

Gomez has been playing with her appearance lately in other ways as well, has gone platinum blonde in April.

Selena Gomez added a new piercing to her arsenal of body modifications on Tuesday.

“Best Time I’ve Had,” Singer recently said Did a dramatic dye job. “I thought I could do crazy things with my hair or try new looks with my makeup. It was so much fun… I felt great and sharp.”

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While the star has returned to her brunette roots, her brand new piercing can help add that edge back.