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Jason Oppenheim’s life has changed drastically since becoming a household name in Hollywood thanks to his newfound fame Celebrity Real Estate Broker.

The “Sailing Sunset” star and leading force behind the popular Oppenheim group, 44, has recently found itself at the center of the spotlight, when he and series co-star Chriselle Stause, 40, revealed to the world when it came to images of the pair. revealed their romance. Packing on a PDA while vacationing in Rome made the rounds through the internet.


Oppenheim told Granthshala News that while there was a period of adjustment, he understands that the price of fame comes from the bets that photographers put in.

“It’s funny that you mentioned that because we were just — we’ve really followed and photographed the paparazzi over the past two days, including at dinner last night, which I just saw today,” Oppenheim said. When asked about his newfound, explained. Notoriety.

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Sunset’s Jason Oppenheim on PDA in Rome after confirming romance with broker, selling Chrisel Stause pack

“I mean, I think if you make a conscious decision — there are some people who become famous through a voluntary act — like making the decision to go on a reality show, maybe someone with whom they have a personal relationship. something has happened in life and never asked for it – so I think when it comes to people who have made a conscious decision, I think it’s part of the responsibility that a public figure again, I have made a voluntary decision in the eyes of the people. And in that sense, I feel like I have made a voluntary decision.”

Oppenheim said that as a celebrity, she believes “there is a responsibility to be respectful and appropriate about taking photos and being paparazzi” and added that the idea of ​​taking her picture and viewing comments online was “really I don’t bother” [him] Absolutely.”

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“I don’t read anything anyway, so, so sorry for everyone wasting my time – good or bad,” he quipped.

“But I do have some frustration or animosity towards photographers who take liberties with people who didn’t make a voluntary decision – if I can draw that line in the sand,” he said. “I can imagine that for a woman, it might be a little bit more difficult — they have to get their hair done, make up and get ready — for a woman there’s more of an image, I guess. And I think That that kind of paparazzi can be more stressful.”

“I think it goes with the territory and it’s part of the responsibility to be someone in a public space,” he eventually said.

Oppenheim, who recently listed his Mount Olympus Los Angeles mansion for $8 million after an extensive seven-figure refurbishment, told Granthshala News that he’d actually signed a two-year lease on the property for $45,000 a month. managed to secure.

Regarding how he and Stause spend their time together, Oppenheim said the pair have a big-time obsession with crime thrillers and documentaries and the occasional episode of “The Real Housewives.”

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“It’s a weird question because literally last night he saw me on ‘Beverly Hills Housewives,’ which I’ve never seen a ‘Housewives’ show,” he said.

“But generally we agree, like we both really like crime thrillers, we like documentaries. We’ve seen at least a dozen documentaries and then ‘Mare of Easttown’ type things or ‘The Undoing’ So we love scripted crime dramas and then we also really enjoy like we were last night.”

Jason Oppenheim's life has changed drastically since becoming a household name in Hollywood thanks to his newfound fame as a celebrity real estate broker.

Oppenheim said that he and Stause recently checked their list: “We were watching ‘Manhunt: Deadly Games,’ which is about the Atlanta bomber’s Richard Jewell story. So it’s a scripted one but we’ve got a lot of fun with the movie.” Shot’. This man was falsely charged with murder, but he ended up in a Dodger game.”

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He insisted that there have been instances when Stause might even be on a show or two without him – a move that could be the basis for a split in some relationships.

“Even when I get one — she’s seen so many without me, it’s so frustrating because I’ll be like, ‘Oh, that looks great’ and she’s like, ‘ Saw it,” she explained. “So we’ve probably seen a dozen together and he’s probably seen a dozen before without me. So we sorted through those. But it’s kind of our vibe. And we’re at home and out and about, watching Spend a lot of time doing those kinds of crime dramas.”

“So, sometimes I’ll watch an episode of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ but then we’ll be at dinner and I’ll have a Washington football game on my phone, which I apologized for. But, you know, so It’s a tradeoff.”