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Sen. Kevin Cramer argued that President Biden’s actions on the world stage contributed to the “global deterioration of the US position” on Granthshala Business’ Mornings with Maria ahead of the president’s Tuesday address to the United Nations General Assembly.

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Sen. Kevin Cramer: Joe Biden prefers to apologize to the United States. Ironically, he probably has few things to apologize for, not because of our country, but because of his behavior as our Commander-in-Chief last month.

But we must not forget that he hasn’t really been very good on the international stage from the very beginning. His men embarrassed us at the Alaska summit with China, where they basically laughed our people out of the room.

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And since then, it has been a global fallout for the status of the United States. and who knows? Let’s hope he doesn’t embarrass us anymore in his UN speech. But I don’t expect too much. I hope he tries to shift the topic to climate change and areas where he’s probably a little more comfortable.

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