While Big Tech works to suppress life-long criticism, the Biden-Harris administration is working to expand abortions on demand paid by American taxpayers.

Key to implementing and enforcing this radical agenda are cabinet candidates such as Xavier Becerra, a pro-abortion activist, as head of the influential Department of Health and Human Services. Without the intervention of policy makers, Becerra leads a quick confirmation – and will be left holding the reins of one of the country’s most influential agencies.

Baserra’s peak record goes back three decades when, as a new congressman, he partially voted against a ban on birth abortions and forced taxpayer funding for abortions – one still among his Democratic allies at the time Extreme condition. Recently, he voted against ensuring medical care for live babies after a failed abortion attempt.


As Attorney General of California, he proves to be aggressively hostile to unborn children and to the rights of those who advocate for them.

Before leaving her predecessor, Kamala Harris, Becerra tried to silence civilian journalists, who were working to uncover the role of paternity employed in the harvesting and selling of child’s body parts. Even when he David Delladden and Sandra Merritt were removed from the LA Times with 15 felony charges, they were previously prosecuted undercover journalists under California’s recording laws.

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When Becerra was not prosecuting pro-life journalists, she was trying to advertise to California’s pro-life pregnancy centers and force abortions.

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Although research has confirmed critical services that pro-life pregnancy centers pay millions of women and men each year at almost no charge, Besekera made it his mission to follow them. He All the way to the Supreme Court, California’s Contraceptive Center destroyed the law and wasted precious time and resources, which could be devoted to helping needy families.

And, like the Obama administration, Becerra sued the younger sisters of the poor, forcing them to provide abortion-inducing drugs in their health plans. Then, he lost.

Ironically, Becerra’s extremism has the potential to unite Republicans and liberal Democrats – in opposition. A recent Marst poll found that Americans (58%) – 65% independent and a strong portion of about one-third of Democrats – oppose using taxpayers’ money for abortions domestically. 77% of Americans opposed using taxpayer dollars to promote abortions abroad, including 55% of Democrats, 85% of independents, and nearly two-thirds of pro-choice respondents.

Anyone disregarding religious freedom and conscience should minimize such effects on the daily lives of Americans.

Simply put, most Americans want their government to use its resources to respect conscience and protect lives – an imminent reasonable expectation. Becerra’s confirmation would represent just the opposite.

No one targeting Americans for his constitutionally protected speech has confirmed for his cabinet position.

Anyone disregarding religious freedom and conscience should minimize such effects on the daily lives of Americans.

And anyone who poses such a specific threat to vulnerable unborn babies and mothers should be put in charge of HHS’s mission to protect the health of Americans – not during an epidemic when our immediate Focus on saving lives or anytime.

We strongly oppose this nomination, and we urge all members of the Senate to vote against it.

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Marjorie Dannenfelser National pro-life group Susan b. Anthony is the chairman of the list and author of “Life is Winning: Inside the Fight for Unborn Children and the Mothers”.