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Democrats have controlled the White House and Congress for eight months. In that time America has moved from disaster to disaster.

If one thing is now clear, it is that Democrats are adept at creating chaos.


Since January, we’ve gone from “adults back in charge” to President Biden’s shocking admission during the Afghanistan humiliation that “…

13 American soldiers and over a hundred Afghans were killed in that chaos. Hundreds of Americans were left trapped behind enemy lines. The president’s humiliating abandonment of Afghanistan would put America in jeopardy for decades.

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Afghanistan is only the latest and saddest example.

On immigration, the president rebuffed President Trump’s “stay in Mexico” migrant policy – only to be later reversed in court. The quiet and secure southern border Biden inherited is now doing a record number of illegal border crossings each month. In a candid moment, his Secretary of Homeland Security warned that “if our borders are the first line of defence, we are about to lose.”

Combined with these nuisances there have been calls for the Left to “defy the police” as violent crime rates in our most vulnerable urban areas have increased.

Then there is the chaos created by the so-called “American rescue plan”. Democrats flooded the economy with borrowed money and paid people more for not working than they would as part of the workforce. It has wreaked havoc with supply chains and hasn’t seen prices rise since Jimmy Carter’s presidency.

White House abruptly cuts feed of Biden mid-sentence as he questions wildfire

Democrats have not spared American energy either.

President Biden’s hasty decisions to dismantle the Keystone XL pipeline and ban oil and gas development on federal lands put our energy security at risk.

The president’s embarrassing presentation on the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has put Vladimir Putin on hold on European gas supplies. This allows Russian shipments to bypass Ukraine, at a time when Russian troops continue to threaten that country.

The president’s national security adviser then calls on the OPEC+ cartel, which counts Russia, Iran and Venezuela as members, to boost oil production and support “competitive” markets. Meanwhile, the administration is slowing or halting US fossil fuel production.

PSAKI on Sen $3.5T package, Scott on PELOSI disputed comments: ‘No way’ will be paid for it

Democrats are poised to blow an obscenely expensive tax and spending spurred on by Bernie Sanders through the Senate. This measure would cost $5 trillion dollars that we don’t have on socialist wish lists that voters don’t believe is worth the cost to their pocketbooks and the economy.

The tax hike included in the bill will be the largest in more than 50 years.

Democrats want to bureaucratize child care, make health care more social, super-size the Internal Revenue Service, grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, and manipulate housing markets.

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His bill would implement the Green New Deal and set a deadline for eliminating the politically-fashionable energy that generates 60 percent of our electricity. This includes punitive charges on US companies for putting reliable and affordable energy sources out of business.

The same people who failed in Afghanistan now claim that we can dismantle and rebuild the power grid in less than a decade.

What we’ll get is the California model of electricity, with sky-high utility bills and rolling blackouts. One study estimates the Democrats’ risky plan to implement a staggering $4.5 trillion price tag. That’s $2,000 per family per year. The worst hit will be the poor and those with a fixed income.

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Cheap energy gives US industries an edge over foreign competitors. The Democrats’ plan would give up that competitive advantage, and they know it. So they are planning to impose a carbon limit tax on imports so that industries do not flee the country. This would only invite retaliation and a chaotic trade war would break out.

Worse yet, the Democrats’ green plan will make us more dependent on foreign supply chains dominated by adversaries and affected by human rights abuses. For example, China controls about 60 percent of the production of rare earth minerals and 80 percent of solar panel production. It has become the OPEC of renewable and battery materials.

Today, solar power accounts for about three percent of America’s energy. The Biden administration wants that number to rise to 40 percent by 2035. To meet that goal, we have to send hundreds of billions of dollars to Chinese companies.

Given this parade of terrifying, it’s no surprise that the spread among voters who think the country’s on the wrong path versus the right path has risen 23 points since May. It will continue to climb with Biden’s tax hikes, huge spending and a blatant disregard for our national security.

The country cannot afford more than an administration which is reckless, extreme and dangerous.