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Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, says Democrats already have the power to raise debt limits, but are ‘political’ to pass their ‘largely irresponsible’ spending package on ‘Kudlow’ on Tuesday. playing the game.

Democrats Will Link Debt Limit Suspension To Necessary Pass Spending Bill


Sen. Ted Cruz: I hope and believe that Republicans will stand firm. And the important thing to understand is that Democrats are playing a political game here. Hence, they have 100% power to increase the loan limit on their own. They can do it on conciliation. Reconciliation takes only 50 votes in the Senate. Democrats have 50 votes in the Senate. It only takes majority in the house. Democrats have a majority in the House. But what do you see Chuck Schumer doing, he doesn’t want to use Democrats to raise the debt limit because he wants to rack up trillions in new spending, trillions in new taxes, and he wants to shift the political blame. . So he is trying to push the loan limit using a procedural vehicle that requires 60 votes. He wants 10 Republicans to vote for the largely irresponsible spending of the Democrats.

I don’t think it will work. I helped lead 46 Republicans to sign a letter. And all 46 of us signed a letter saying we don’t want any part of the trillions in debt you’re bankrupting our children and grandchildren with. And so I guess what’s going to happen is, are you going to see Schumer and Pelosi play chicken. They’re going to threaten a default. They are threatening closure. And at the end of the day, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden can raise the loan limit whenever they want. They don’t need the Republican vote and are otherwise just playing a political game.

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