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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. raised the alarm on Wednesday over the potential for Republicans to win a majority in the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm elections, arguing that Democrats need to take action before they can break Facebook and pass voting rights legislation. The GOP takes over.

“We also have to break Facebook, right now, before we face the elections of 2022 and then 2024, and that real theft comes along, and that is the minority party that has ideas that are not supported by the majority of Americans. Power is hung on. This is wrong and it will break our democracy,” she said on ABC’s “The View.”


Co-host Sherry Shepherd noted that a billboard Warren erected in Silicon Valley during his 2020 campaign for president read, “Break Up Big Tech,” and asked if he thought it was “finally He’s getting the attention he deserves.”

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“It’s starting to get more attention and, interestingly enough, it’s attracting a lot of people from different fields who say it’s time,” Warren said. “It’s about political power. We need to break Facebook because they wield so much influence in Washington. We can’t make rules because Facebook are lobbyists… We have to break them. Not just to protect our economy.” Rather, protect our democracy.”

Guest co-host and CNN political commentator SE Qup claimed that addressing the issue with Facebook was also about “neutralizing” former President Donald Trump.

“Algorithms and the spread of political propaganda and lies are reaching the same people who are part of the problem,” she said.

“Right now someone who wants to advertise online, where do you go? You go to Facebook. Who else to interact with? And the answer is Facebook is the buyer and Facebook is the seller,” Warren said. “They submit ads and then they tell you what the price is. They’re controlling every part of it, and that means every day they not only get richer, they get stronger.”

“We’re running out of opportunities to fight back. And, so when you say, where are we on the ballot? We just have to vote. Now, now, now,” Warren referred to the Democrats’ will to enact Said the law on the right to vote.