A top US security official said on Wednesday that he was not aware of any threat to Washington DC, even thousands of National Guard personnel stationed there.

Homeland Defense and Global Security Secretary of Defense Robert Salles told the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, “We work with our law enforcement colleagues to clearly determine that threat. This is clearly continuing. “

He said, at this time, I am not aware of the danger that is out there.

Following the deployment of 25,000 guards after 6 breeches of the Capitol Building by Trump supporters, approximately 6,000 soldiers remain in the US capital.


“Things are safe and secure right now,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told Granthshala News’s Neil Cavuto earlier this week. ”

But some lawmakers worry about online conversations with pro-Trump supporter theorists who could potentially attempt another rebellion.

The National Guard was stationed in DC until mid-March following concerns of additional “civil unrest” during the Senate impeachment trial.

Some QAnon supporters have also suggested that an event commemorating the original Inauguration Day may occur on the fourth day of March – a threat that is further legitimized by the fact that the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, on the third and fourth March Have raised their rates. .

Chairman of House Armed Services Committee Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., Told the committee that he personally reviewed the security threats in front of the Capitol and agreed with Pentagon officials that the threat was minimal.

But he said that if lawmakers want to help bring the National Guardsmen back home and restore a more general atmosphere in the Capitol, they should condemn all threats of another attack on 4 March.

The National Guide will end in the nation’s capital by mid-March

“If you want to help, tell them not to do it, tell them that Joe Biden won the election. It was a free and fair election, and let’s get back to work,” he told the committee.

The number of guards will be reduced until March 12, when they are expected to leave their posts in the Capitol, although several thousand DC guards may remain in the district to assist with the coronovirus response.

The lawmakers questioned the need for troops to stay in DC, particularly in Florida, Texas and California, rather than assisting other states with vaccine delivery and natural disaster responses.

Washington DC permanently has 3,000 national security forces stationed in the nation’s capital.

Granthshala News could not immediately reach the National Guard to confirm how many troops are in Washington for coronovirus relief at this time, or if the district’s troops were to help other states struggling with COVID-19 vaccination can be sent.