Shaggy recipes about working with Ashton Kutcher and Milla Kunis on the new Super Bowl add (special)

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    Shaggy’s throwback hit “It’s Washt Me” in actor Ashton Kutcher’s Krong in the new Cheetos commercial. During a conversation with the showbiz Cheat Sheet, the dance hall master made fun of Kachhar being ready to sign him as a new music artist.

    Shaggy Photo courtesy of Chatos

    He added, “I am ready to bust Ashton and strike a deal.” “I’ll get a record deal for Ashton right now!” Kutcher, along with wife Mila Kunis and Shaggy, in a special Super Bowl ad in which Kachar persuaded his wife to eat Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix. But, she claims, “It wasn’t me!” And yes, Kutcher believes him.

    This prompts Zabra to deliver the punch line of the ad: “Well, this is the first time that has ever worked,” he says shocked.

    “You know you’re shaggy defense,” she laughed.

    Milagi could feel Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s love shaky

    Shaggy said that working with Kunis and Kutcher was delightful. He One could feel their chemistry as a couple during the shoot.

    “It was a lot of fun on set with these guys,” Jhabra said. “You can tell they’re like the poster child of being with your best friend. And that’s why That 70s show Done so well and how the chemistry just rolled. ”

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    “And there was a lot of joking between them,” he continued. “They kept staring at each other and just laughing. And they just brought me into the mix of all of that. I was like a sponge. I was a student then. it was so good. They had a great time and it was quiet in the mix of all that. And then when I saw the finished product, I liked, wow, okay. So this is how it is done. “

    Kutchhar was thrilled to work with icons like Shaggy. “Mila and I both remember when Was It Was Me ‘came out 20 years ago when we were working together for the first time That 70s show“So it’s really cool to come in full circle with Cheeto, work together again and remix this song,” Kachar said in a statement. “We have rarely done projects together since then, but the concept was very fun and reliable. And we can’t afford to be in this Super Bowl commercial. “

    Shaggy shows that ‘It was me’ almost never saw the light of day

    When it was recorded “It didn’t belong to me”, Shaggy was considering where he was in his career. The producers claimed that they could not find a single hot Shot Album. The blatant tune made it to the general public thanks to an anonymous music lover who uploaded the song to Napster. A disc jockey in Hawaii caught the song and played it on the airwaves. the rest is history.

    Music today can take a completely different path. “It’s a different time and it’s all about streaming,” Jhabra said. “It’s about these playlists and how to interact with your fan base and how they can actually direct your music.”

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    He The streaming platform “puts power back into the artist’s hands.” Shaggy recalled how his brand of music was not even mainstream at the time, receiving a song like “It Was Me” for radio play.

    “You know, we’re reggae and we’re dance halls,” he said. “And this you know, you’re talking about a genre that wasn’t popular in the mainstream. So there’s no record company that’s going to see us as a priority. And that’s why I got these really infectious records There were bans that would break through the barriers because we weren’t going to get, it wasn’t a level playing field. We weren’t taking all the same amount of privileges. And, you know, now there was a different situation. If Fans can really push things forward if the artist connects with an artist. “

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