Shamima says Boris ‘doesn’t know what he’s doing’ in fight against terror

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Shamima Begum today said that Boris Johnson does not know what he is doing in the fight against terror.

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During her first live broadcast with Good Morning Britain, the 22-year-old said the PM is “clearly struggling” and suggested she could help stop UK jihadists from getting ready online.

Shamima Begum spoke to GMB todaycredit: pixel8000
Begum said that the Prime Minister is involved in the fight against terrorism.

Begum said the prime minister is “clearly struggling” in the fight against getty

Asked what she would say to Boris Johnson, she said: “I want to say that you are clearly dealing with extremism and terrorism in your country and I want to help and tell you my experience that How are they? [ISIS] Persuade people to do what they do and to come to places like Syria.


“I think I can be of great help to you in your fight against terrorism because you clearly don’t know what you’re doing and I want to help.”

She continued: “I will explain to the government how these people work and how they persuade people and how they take advantage of people, what people should look for to fight radicalization online and what social problems needs attention.”

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Despite her remarks she apologized and begged an apology to the British people: “No one can hate me more than I hate myself for what I’ve done and all I can say is I’m sorry.” And just give me a second chance.” said.

“I think the only crime I committed was being dumb enough to join ISIS,” he said.

Asked if she believed she would ever return to the UK, she replied: “Seeing the right opportunity and the government changing its mind about me and seeing that they are willing to help me in the fight against terrorism.” are ready and see me as an asset rather than an asset. Threaten them.”

22-year-old Begum left Britain at the age of 15 to join ISIS in Syria.

In February 2019, the British government issued an order revoking his British citizenship, saying he would never be allowed to return.

prepared for

And today she said she would rather die than go back to ISIS and claim she was “crafted”.

She said: “I am prepared to go to court and face those people and refute these claims, because I know I have done nothing in IS but am a mother and a wife.

He said, “These claims are being made to make me look bad as the government has nothing on me.

I think yes, I was framed and taken advantage of and manipulated to come.

shamima begum good morning uk

“There’s no proof because nothing ever happened.”

She said: “I would rather die than go back to IS.”

Asked if she was groomed by ISIS, the former jihadist bride said: “I think yes, I was framed and taken advantage of and manipulated to come.”

She said at the time she did not know that ISIS was a “death cult”.

Speaking from northern Syria, she said: “I thought it was an Islamic community I was joining.

“There was a lot of information being given to me on the internet by ISIS people that I needed to come because I couldn’t be a good Muslim in the UK.”

Asked what she expected to happen when she left Britain, Shamima said she thought she would “simply get married, have children and lead a pure Islamic life”.

She told Richard Madley and Susannah Reid: “I knew there was war but not in places where women and children were living.

“I thought it would be safe for me. I had no idea that ISIS wanted to take over the world.”

‘I’m sorry’

When Shamima first went to Syria, she dressed modestly and wore a hijab.

However, she has recently changed up her look instead of showing off her long hair and shoulders.

Richard further asked if the change in his look was a “PR exercise”.

Shamima said, “It is not for anyone else but for me.”

“I haven’t worn a hijab for over a year now.

“I felt so tight in the hijab, I felt like I’m not myself. I’m not doing it for anyone but myself.”

She continued: “I am completely sorry for anyone affected by ISIS. I do not in any way agree or try to justify what they did.

“It is not fair to kill innocent people in the name of religion. I just want to apologize. I am sorry.”

In July 2020, the Court of Appeal ruled that the Begum should be allowed to return to the UK in order to impartially oppose the decision by properly instructing lawyers.

The decision was appealed to the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, which ruled unanimously against him in February, thus overturning the decision of the Court of Appeal.

Begum left the UK at the age of 15 to join ISIS

Begum left the UK at the age of 15 to join ISIScredit: Alba Sotora / Metfilm
She was pictured leaving Gatwick Airport in 2015

She was pictured leaving Gatwick Airport in 2015credits: PA

Shamima Begum says she was ‘molested and groomed’ by ISIS jihadists because she wore lipstick and baseball cap in GMB interview

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