Sheffield Doctor / Fest Retrospective Announcement on Black British Cinema

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    The event states that it “wants to celebrate a wide and varied filmography, largely ignored and overlooked in the film”

    Sheffield Dock / Fest has made a retrospective announcement on the history of Black British cinema for its 2021 event – find all the details on the event below.

    The festival will run from 4–13 June, with a unveiling on 11 May.

    A statement announcing retrospective – full title Retrospective: Films belong to those who need them – excerpts from the history of Black British cinema – Read: “Sheffield Dock / Fest Black in 2021 seeks to spotlight and celebrate the history of British screen culture – a broad and diverse filmography that has been largely ignored and undervalued in film discourse.

    “We want to find connections between the past and the present, and how this film resonates with contemporaries and actors, and how it can inspire and inform the ways in which our own communities conceive.” I want to spark a conversation.

    The statement said: “Doc / Fest is excited to announce that for the first time, we have invited guest curators, with multiple perspectives that will surpass the idea of ​​a singular, full-fledged narrative. Guest curators come with a breadth of experience: as a filmmaker, film programmer, broadcaster, photography curator, film student, and historian.

    “With such a rich, complex and diverse filmography that has a disputed history of visibility and reach, we considered it necessary to present to those who through this work their work, their existential discovery and their curiosity and care Recognize from We will present works that can amplify voices and bring together a rich spectrum of work. “

    See the current list of curators for retrospective below.

    Anthony Andrews and Tina Andrews (we are parables)

    Campbell X (Writer / Filmmaker)

    David Olusoga (Historian, Broadcaster and Filmmaker)

    George Amoopsah (Filmmaker)

    Judah Ateli (Filmmaker)

    Mark Seeley (Curator and cultural historian)

    Dr. A group of film studies / screenplay and film students from Sheffield Hallam University as part of a partnership project led by Chi-Yun Shin (Principal Lecturer in Film Studies).

    Last year, director Steve McQueen criticized racism in the UK film and TV industries, calling it “shameful”. 12 years a Slave The director said race imbalances across industries were “clearly wrong” 12 years a Slave That “a movie with a black lead will not make any money”.

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