Shirt Alex Murdaugh wore the night his wife and son were murdered ‘destroyed’: defense

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South Carolina officials destroyed the T-shirt that Alex Murdo wore the night his wife and son were shot — making it impossible to challenge claims that it incriminated him for the murders, according to his lawyers. connects to.

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The disgraced 54-year-old’s legal team claimed in a 96-page filing Wednesday that contradictory claims about the shirt are at the center of a campaign of selective and misleading leaks to convince the public that Murdo was guilty before he was prosecuted. Is. ,

Prosecutors hired an unqualified expert, ex-constable Tom Bevel, “to believe that the white cotton T-shirt Mr Murdaugh was wearing on the night Maggie and Paul were murdered was a high-velocity bullet.” stained with blood spatter, possibly the result of Paul being shot,” the filing states.


But Bevel’s first report “emphatically stated that the shirt had no stains consistent with back spatter from a gunshot,” wrote attorneys Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin.

His lawyers said the T-shirt that Alex Murdaugh was wearing on the night his wife and son were murdered has been “destroyed”.
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“Yet for some reason, without any additional evidence he completely changed his mind after meeting the lead in person.” [South Carolina Law Enforcement Division] SLED investigator David Owen,” he wrote.

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After that, Bevel suddenly claimed that “the shirt had over 100 stains consistent with a gunshot wound to the back,” the filing said.

The filing said Murdoch’s lawyers asked earlier this month to receive the shirt for further testing at “an outside laboratory” — just 13 days after being told it had been “destroyed.”

Photos of the T-shirt now show it to be almost entirely blue, with the sections cut out.

He asserted, “SLED has chosen to conduct its trials in a manner that would prevent anyone else from conducting subsequent trials,” which “may have been in bad faith, but it may also have been grossly negligent.” could.”

Either way, “neither the defense nor Mr. Bevel have been able to conduct any test on the shirt because the State has destroyed it.”

Alex Murdoff in court.
Murdaugh’s lawyers say the shirt is at the center of a “campaign of selective and misleading leaks to lead the public to believe Murdaugh is guilty before he is prosecuted.”

Murdaf’s legal team also noted that on June 7 last year, it was the disgraced lawyer who found his wife and son dead near a dog kennel outside their home.

“The scene of the murder was gruesome; There was a large amount of blood on and around her body which had transferred onto Mr. Murduff’s hands and clothing when he frantically checked her for signs of life,” he wrote of the high probability that her Will have blood or DNA.

“But the state needs the blood splatter evidence because it is extremely difficult to explain how Mr. Murdoff could get away with multiple 12-gauge shotgun blasts at pointblank range in a small cell without at least some splatter on his shirt.” Paul was murdered.

“Eventually, there was blood splattered on the door, walls and ceiling of the cell. So instead of accepting an honest exoneration report, the government converted it into a false impeachment report.

SLED chief Mark Keel told The Post and Courier that his force “is reviewing the proposal and will respond in due course.”

The gate outside the Murdo house where Maggie and Paul were murdered in June last year.
“The murder witnessed was gruesome,” the filing said of the night last June when Alex’s wife and son were found murdered outside their home.

Robert Kitel, a spokesman for the South Carolina Attorney General’s office, told the outlet that prosecutors will respond in a court filing next week.

Murdaugh – a fourth-generation attorney from a powerful Southern legal family – has pleaded not guilty to the murders. His trial is scheduled to begin on January 23.

As well as the double murders, he faces nearly 100 other charges, ranging from money laundering to drug offenses, stealing from clients and faking his own death in order to get $10 million in life insurance benefits for his surviving son. Trying to arrange.

The case focused on his shocking downfall, in which he admitted years of drug addiction and stealing from his family’s law firm.

On Tuesday, a banker accused of helping Murdo take money from clients’ legal settlements pleaded guilty in South Carolina to wire and bank fraud charges.

Russell Lafitte, the former CEO of Palmetto State Bank, was allowed to remain free on bail as he awaits sentencing at a later date. The six charges he was convicted of in federal court carry a maximum sentence of up to 30 years in prison for each.

In her closing statement, prosecutor Emily Limehouse said, “None of this would have happened without Alex Murdoff.”

SLED Chief Mark Keel told post and courier His force was “reviewing the proposal and will respond at the appropriate time.”

Robert Kitel, a spokesman for the South Carolina Attorney General’s office, told the outlet that prosecutors will respond in a court filing next week.

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