Shocking moment dogs are shot & ‘thrown away like garbage’ at hunt kennels

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Shocking footage shows hunting dogs being shot to death and “thrown like garbage” in hunting kennels.

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The despicable video — captured at the Duke of Beaufort’s hunt at Badminton — of Glucks firing bullets into the head with four wounds.

Shocking footage shows a hunting hunter being shotcredit: ITV News

The “heartbreaking” exercise is not illegal and is commonly performed when a dog is deemed “unfit for purpose” because it is old or injured.


According to official figures, 3,000 hounds are killed each year but Keep the Bane estimates the number to be closer to 7,000.

The anti-hunting group filmed undercover footage with the Hunt Investigation Team between April and September, ITV News Report.

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It depicts a hunter holding a gun to the dog’s head and hitting it on two separate occasions.

In one clip, a hound, who appears to be unwell, is taken to the grass before being shot.

And the third one shows a dog being shot twice at an interval of just three minutes.

Keep the Ban founder Rob Ponnall said: “This is some very disturbing footage but it’s common for hunting across the country.

“This is not an acceptable way to end an animal’s life. These wounds caused extreme pain.

“The activities shown in the video are not actually illegal, but there is no moral defense to what is shown.”

In response, the Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt stated that dogs are “humanely euthanized” if they cannot be rehomed.

But the video – the first time a victim has been caught shooting his hunter – has been condemned by celebrities and lawmakers.


Animal rights singer Ricky Gervais said: “It’s so deeply disturbing that foxes are trained against their natural instincts to hunt foxes and, when they catch them, break them to pieces. Huh!

“Then they are killed, usually by being shot in the head, … someone who likes to chase and kill innocent animals. Both hunters and foxes fall prey to this cruelty. It’s crazy, is it? do not you think?”

Tracy Crouch, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare, said: “I don’t understand why a dog … There are ways to sleep.”

While Mike Jessop, a fellow at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, said he did not believe hunters were professionally trained to put animals down.

He continued: “The evidence from the video doesn’t show any illegal activity. My concern is whether there is any pain after the shot, as no one has been careful to investigate whether the dog is actually dead.” Huh.

“In a video, [hound’s] The tail was still wagging very loudly for a long time, even as the dog was being loaded into the cart.

“I would question, and am concerned that that dog was still sensitive, and therefore had the ability to feel pain.”

‘human euthanasia’

It comes ahead of a vote by the National Trust later this month to decide whether to ban trail hunting on their lands during the next hunting season.

The Duke of Beaufort Hunt, also known as the Beaufort Hunt, is one of the oldest in England and dates back to 1640.

The Duke of Beauforts Hunt said in a statement: “A number of options are considered for every hound before making any decisions about their future, whether it is retirement or rehabilitation, either in a domestic environment or in another kennel. where his country may be deemed more appropriate for that individual hound.

“Hounds are sometimes successfully retired as domestic pets, but they are not house trained and are only used to living in a pack environment, so the majority are unfortunately not able to live again. are inappropriate.

“Where other options are not available, hounds are humanely euthanized. This is done by trained professionals using valid and approved methods.”

The hunter can be seen shooting the dogs with their heads up

The hunter can be seen shooting the dogs with their heads up
It then wheels the dog into a wheelbarrow

It then wheels the dog into a wheelbarrow

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