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Shocking new details were released on Sunday following the death of a Chicago mother Accused of killing his own 12-year-old son.


Prosecutors said on Saturday morning, 37-year-old Fallon Harris confronted his 12-year-old son, Kaden Ingram, about the location of the SD card he had removed from his car Friday night.

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video from inside his house South Chicago Neighborhoods Harris is reportedly shown threatening her with a gun. When he could not give her the card, he shot her once. He was conscious and was crying.

She then went to answer the phone, and went back to her son, asked for the card again, and when he said she didn’t know where he was, he shot her again, prosecutors said. This shooting has been captured in the video.

Kaden collapsed on the kitchen floor and died a short time later.

She reportedly told the police that she had killed her son and showed them the silver revolver she used to carry.

The family told the police that he acting crazy and complained that people were out to get him. she has a concealed carry license.

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