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The full force of the historic flood caused by the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida can be seen in a shocking video from Cranford, New Jersey, when a house wall collapses under the force of a flash flood, a teenager and her mother trapped inside the basement. of his house.


The horrific scenes and the couple’s calls for help were all caught on a family security camera.

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Other family members heard the sound of the toe and were able to rescue the couple safely.

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Although some narrowly escaped the great flood caused by Ida and lived to tell the story, others did not. Governor Murphy announced Friday that the death toll from the storm had risen to 25.

“The floods have caused huge damage to people, if not all in all. There were no deaths related to the tornado that hit South Jersey, thank goodness,” Murphy said. “And we have at least 6 people missing in the state right now.”

Murphy said recovery and rebuilding will require funding, which is why he’s handing over $10M in state grants to small businesses affected by the storm and calling on the federal government to help homeowners. Huh.

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