Shoot a police juggler in Chile, protests set up

    Buildings were burnt during protests in a town in southern Chile on Friday as angry protesters reacted to the fatal police shooting of a street juggler by authorities and local media.

    ADN Radio Chile reported that the shooting occurred on Friday afternoon in the town of Pangipulli, after police officers tried to investigate Baazigar’s identity.

    As of Friday night, video footage was circulating on social media that appeared to show burning buildings and barricades in Pangupulli. Orange plums of smoke can be seen rising in the dark sky.

    News reports indicated that several government buildings were among them. A photographer captured images of firefighters working to fight the blast in the city’s mayor’s office.

    Some twitter users Posted footage Blaze’s with the hashtag “He Not dead, they killed him. ”

    Others compared the episode to the death of George Floyd in Minnesota last year, a set of nationwide protests in the United States. Mr. Floyd, A A 46-year-old black man died of handcuffs below a white police officer’s knee and was dropped to the ground.

    ADN Published on its website What it said was a video of a shooting in Chile. The 25-second clip shows a man dressed in black at a crossroads, who appears to be carrying multiple knives and yelling at two police officers who have made contact with guns drawn near him.

    After an officer fires two shots, the man leads the officer to the intersection. Three more shots are heard, and the man appears to fall to the ground.

    The ADN quoted a police officer, Lt. Col. Boris Alegria, on Friday that Bazigar was carrying the machete and that the officer who shot him acted in self-defense.

    Just before midnight, the station reported that the officer who shot Bazigar was detained and that his arrest would be formally announced on Saturday.

    A regional officer, Cesar Asenzo Jerez, summarized Video It was uploaded on a government Twitter account on Friday evening that a police officer had used a service weapon in Panguipulli and officers were investigating. An official who answered the call at the regional government headquarters early Saturday said that no one was available to comment.

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