Shop ’till you drop. Navigate Black Friday like a pro and score deals with these easy tips

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get ready. group. shop.

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Roughly 166.3 million people plan to check out deals this holiday weekend, the most since the National Retail Federation, an industry trade association, began tracking in 2017. And once again, the biggest shopping day will be Black Friday, typically one of the two busiest of the year.

While many people will click and browse, 67% of the 114.9 million people looking for Black Friday deals say they intend to visit an actual store. This is up from 64% who said they planned to shop in person last year.


NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said in a statement, “While there is much speculation about the impact of inflation on consumer behavior, our data tells us that strong storefronts with record numbers of shoppers this Thanksgiving holiday weekend Will see the traffic. Announcing the results of a purchase survey conducted with Prosper Insights & Analytics.

So as you run through the aisles to get to that last doorbuster, you might just need a plan. Whether you’re hitting a store on Friday or any other holiday day, here are some items to keep in your shopping tool kit.

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get your smartphone

Your mobile device may prove essential as you browse for deals. You can use it to view coupons and reward programs, as well as scan and compare prices at different retailers. It can also help you speed up your shopping journey, allowing you to pay for purchases with a tap of the screen, or locate the exact shelf where you can find the item you’re looking for.

stay driven

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It’s easy to drain your device’s battery as you take your Black Friday Instagram shots and check out shopping tips on social media. So, make sure you have your portable charger or power bank with you.

bring those store ads with you

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Your phone will work too, but if you bring along physical store ads, you may have an easier time keeping track of all the items on your shopping list, marking pages that show the items you want.

stay hydrated

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It’s not just your smart phone that can run out of juice during a marathon day of shopping. Standing in line and jostling with crowds can wear you down physically. Bring along a protein bar or piece of fruit with water to stay energized and hydrated.

Be prepared to bring receipts

Keep up with your receipts. You might need them if you’re going for a discount, and the receipt also makes it easier to return a sweater that didn’t fit. (Bonus tip: Ignoring rebates means leaving cash on the table, so don’t forget to mail them and use a card or check in the required window.)

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pack your patience

The store may run out of items you like, so be patient and open to other gift ideas. You can also make a list of options before you leave home.

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