‘Sifu’ won’t have difficulty options at launch

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“We want Sifu to challenge players and encourage them to learn, improve and adapt”

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sifu, the upcoming beat ’em up action-adventure game, will not have difficulty options when it launches next year.

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as reported by MP1st, sifuThe creator of Pierre Tarno has explained that although the game will not have difficulty options, sifuThe unique roguelike feature of the game – which makes it every time the player dies, the age of the main character – will affect players’ approach to gameplay.

“We want Sifu to challenge players and encourage them to learn, improve and adapt,” Tarno said.


Pierre Tarno confirmed that the game could be beat without ever aging, even though the game did not have difficulty options.

“The ability to rise from the death will help new players fail and try again many times when faced with difficulty,” he continued. “But the cost of mistakes will add up quickly, and they’ll have to master the combat system in order to fully complete the game.”

MP1st It also revealed that Tarno revealed that although the game won’t have difficulty options upon release, he confirmed that an update could arrive after launch.

sifu Originally scheduled to launch in 2021, it was then pushed back to February 22, 2022. However, developer Sloclap recently announced that the game will now release on February 8, two weeks ago.

The game will release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Games Store. A deluxe edition is available for the first use of the game, which gives players an additional 48 hours as well as a digital artbook.

In preview of Granthshala sifuJack Grimshaw said: “sifu is shaping up to be a solid display of brutal fighting that celebrates the skill and mastery involved in the martial arts. Vengeance Story can be the cherry on top of a creative and reactive fighter that rewards players as much as they play and master. ,


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