Sinead O’connor She says she talked about her plans to retire very soon.

Irish singer songwriterThe 54-year-old backtracked on an announcement made on Twitter last week, revealing she plans to retire from touring and making music following the release of her “NVDA” album, which is expected in 2022.

“Good news. F—K is retiring. I withdraw. Not retiring,” O’Connor tweeted This week. “I temporarily put pigs in lipstick to f–k my head up… Here’s my statement… as in these three pics. It’s ‘colorful,’ but it’s me :).”

The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer then shared a lengthy “explanation” about her early retirement statement on social media, explaining that she appeared in recent interviews in the United Kingdom while promoting her new book, “Rememberings”. was inspired by.

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“When I started the promo for my book, I should have had a counselor on board. Because I didn’t realize how much was being talked about in the past, especially not just as a kid, Rather my experience of abuse as a legally vulnerable adult,” begins her statement. “Abuse that specifically takes the form of some UK media either using their knowledge that I am legally invalid, disrespecting, hurting, ridiculing, and or generally being treated like a Russian dancing bear weak, will trigger so much emotional catharsis.”

O’Connor said it was specifically an interview she participated in BBC Radio 4’s “Women’s Hour” that echoed the sentiments she had felt “thirty years ago”.

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“I’d be better (safer) if I ran out and quit being in music at all. Because I keep using it as a coat hanger for people to wear whatever they like. My legal weaknesses And or the past pains dragged on for plenty of fun and to pay the mortgage of most men who, thank God, will never know what it’s like to be a female survivor in this world.”

She concluded that her retirement announcement was a “knee-jerk” reaction and instead declared that she “feels safe to withdraw my expressed desire to retire.” The composer also revealed that she plans to do all the shows slated for 2022.

O’Connor wrote in his opening Twitter announcement last week: “This is to announce my retirement from touring and working in the record business. I’m old and I’m tired. So it’s time for me I have to stop my work. Nipple tassels, really gave my all. NVDA will be my last release in 2022. No more touring or promos.”