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Michael Caine’s Hollywood career is coming to a close.

The award-winning actor, who is 88, announced on BBC Radio’s “Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review” on Friday that he is retiring from acting. He made the announcement while discussing his last onscreen role in the movie “Best Sellers”.


“Curiously, it turned out to be the last of me, actually. Because I haven’t worked out for two years, and I have a problem with the spine, which affects my legs. So, I’m very well can’t walk away.” Ken said.

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“And I also wrote a book, a few books, which were published and were successful. So, I am no longer an actor, I am a writer, which is lovely because as an actor, you have to wake up at half past six in the morning. And go to the studio. As a writer, you can start writing without leaving the bed,” Kane said.

Kane plays writer Harris Shaw in “Best Sellers”, which also stars Aubrey Plaza as her publisher, Lucy Stanbridge. Carrie Alves, Ellen Wong and Scott Speedman also star in the film.

Kane then doubled down on his intention to make “Best Seller” his final acting gig.

“I think it would be [my last role], he told the hosts. But at the same time, I am 88 years old. The script isn’t really coming out with a leading man of 88, you know?”

Michael Caine announced Friday that

Cain’s acting career has spanned several decades, with her performance in the historical drama “Zulu” in 1964. He has also starred in “Alfie,” “The Italian Job,” “Get Carter,” “The Man Who Will Be King.” ” and “King of Thieves,” among many others.

Apart from his pair of Academy Awards, the actor has also taken home three Golden Globes People.

Michael Caine, British actor, wearing a British army uniform in a promotional portrait released for the film 'Zulu', South Africa, 1964.  The historical drama depicting the Battle of Roark's Drift, during the Anglo-Zulu War, was directed by Cy.  Endfield (1914–1995), and Kane as

Prior to “Best Sellers”, his most recent film appearances were in “Tenet” and “Twist”.