SK Sabir Boss vs B2K (Born 2 Kill): Who has better free fire stats in February 2021?

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    SK Sabir Boss is one of the prominent names in the Indian Free Fire community. Users praise the content creator for its incredible gameplay, and the player has amassed a total of over 3.55 million subscribers.

    B2K, aka Bourne 2Kill, is a popular free fire content creator on YouTube. He Plays in the Middle East region and regularly uploads its gameplay clips to the channel, which has a subscriber count of 6.64 million.

    This article compares the figures of both players in Garna Free Fire.

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    SK Sabir Boss Free Fire ID & Stats

    Their free fire ID is 55479535.

    Lifelong statistics

    Lifetime stats

    SK Sabir Boss has played 1616 singles games and has been unbeaten on 142 occasions, winning 8.78%. He Has a 3268 kill to K / D ratio of 2.22.

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    A post shared by SK SABIR BOSS (@ sksabirgaming3m)

    Rank statistics

    Ranked stats

    In the end, he has also contested 26 singles matches and still has one game to win, but with a K / D ratio of 1.35 to 35 frangs.

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    B2K Free Fire ID and Stats

    Their free fire ID is 320653047.

    Lifelong statistics

    Lifetime stats

    YouTuber has won 171 of the 1399 singles matches it has played, a winning ratio of 12.22%. With a K / D ratio of 3.74, he committed 4598 kills.

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    A post shared by Born2Kill (@ born2kiiill)

    Rank statistics

    Ranked stats

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    Both players have incredible stats in Gerna Free Fire. SK Sabir Boss has a lifelong team and high win rate in doubles matches; Meanwhile, B2K has a higher K / D ratio. The latter also has better stats in singles matches.

    The figures for ranked singles matches cannot be compared as B2K has played many of these matches. B2 has an edge on both fronts in squad and duo matches.

    Note: The statistics of this article were recorded at the time of writing. They may change as content creators continue to play more games in Free Fire.

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    Published 22 February 2021 14:31 CET

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