‘Skyrim Anniversary Edition’ to get aquariums

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Forget about adventures, open a nice aquarium and retire

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skyrim anniversary edition There will be aquariums so that you can show all the fish you catch. This mechanic will go deep for your aquatic victory, including customizable tanks and wall displays.

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Fishing, petting and cooking dogs are all features that many people prefer in their sport, and now Skyrim Not only will there be fishing, but the aquarium will also have the ability to display the caught fish.

Bethesda announced in a tweet that players will be able to build aquariums in all of their Hearthfire homes once the update launches on November 11th.


As well as displaying live specimens in fish tanks, your larger trophies can be displayed on wooden planks on the walls of your residence, which act as a warning to the smaller fish below that they will not swim out of line. .

Skyrim The bus keeps on giving, and it looks like Bethesda has found something that hasn’t already been taken for granted by the wide modding community.

There are subtle decorative differences in the aquariums in the teaser video, indicating that each can be individually customizable. A slightly sunken ship or some Droger ruins can really elevate a fish tank.

fishing capacity skyrim anniversary edition Comes with several other major updates – including an optional survival mode and a line of shivering island-themed quests.

it’s not good news for everyone Anniversary Edition, however, as noted by Redditors that the upcoming Anniversary Patch can break mods on PC, as has happened recently fallout 3 updated.


In other news, League of Legends Everywhere isn’t disabling all chat, and Suda51 says Grasshopper’s ten-year plan includes three original games, some with the ability to revive older games, and even others. Working on companies IP as well.

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