‘Skyrim’ can be completed glitchless in just over an hour

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How big is the open world?

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Skyrim Known for its vast open world and entertaining glitches, speedrunner Nuclear has bypassed them both to complete the game in 72 minutes and 15 seconds.

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After taking an extended break from novice difficulty to try out the tough veteran category, the world record holder nuclear, two minutes from his run and returned to shave. He now holds world records in both categories, although speedrun timing does not include load time.

In his absence a new tactic was found where runners make an unusual jump in three areas: Helgen, Karthspire and Schuldafun to skip short sections of the game. While it’s not a glitch, it descends on the platform the programmers didn’t intend to reach the players. This new technology allowed Atomic to improve on its already fast record.


The run uses the high elf run, as the run speed is based on the height of the player with the high elf being the tallest and therefore the fastest. The run also uses a trick where you drink a large amount of alcohol at once. Alcohol gives back stamina but reduces regeneration. However, once regeneration is reduced to zero, players can continue drinking without negative side effects.

Stamina is very important in management Skyrim Sprint. Without glitches, players have to spend a lot of time waiting for their stamina to recharge. Alcohol can help in reducing this waiting time and hence it helps a lot in speeding up the time.

In other news, pokemon brilliant diamond And shining pearl Speedrunners are working on the game’s poor performance and yesterday (29 November), just ten days after its release, the game was completed in just 33 minutes. The Japanese runners have already improved this time in the last 24 hours and have already beaten the game in just 25 minutes.

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