SMALL CAP MOVERS: Beowulf and the epic story of reindeer herding, plus John Lewis (the Hungerford one)

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who’s afraid of the big, bad beowulf mining,

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Not investors this week, as they piled into a mineral exploration and development company after sensing a wind of change in Sweden for mining projects like Beowulf’s Kallak project.

In a letter to Sweden’s new minister Karl-Peter Thorvaldsson, the company’s chief executive officer, Kurt Budge, said: “The recent political changes in the structure of the government and public statements by you and the prime minister have generated excitement among Beowulf shareholders.” of enterprise and innovation.


‘Industrial activity and reindeer coexist in Sweden’, claims owner of Beowulf Mining

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Shares practically doubled to 10.1p after positive comments from the new Swedish prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, about the need for more mines in the country and a signal from Thorvaldsson that things should move forward on the Kallak project.

The first exploration license in Kallak was granted in 2006, but development of the project has been marred by concerns over the impact of any mining development on reindeer herds in the area.

‘There is all the evidence in Sweden that industrial activity and reindeer herding coexist. This includes the mining sector, where agreements are made despite differences and all stakeholders benefit,’ Buzz claimed in his letter to Thorvaldson.

Investor in newly listed technology minerals Sundar is sitting after a successful start in the market.

From the first price of 2.25p, the stock is now trading at 3.09p, offering a gain of 37 percent to those who participated in the November 17 IPO. At one point last week the price was at 4p.

TM is a battery metal that sports a green twist. It owns mines that will one day meet the growing demand for battery power.

It owns 49 percent of a business that recycles both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. The recycling business has the potential to be cash flow positive and profitable very quickly, with the two sites expected to be up and running next year.

Not all initial public offerings go so well, as evidenced by the long-running sorry case Tungsten Corp, where shareholders got some much-needed support from the latest announcement by the company, which saw the share price rise 36 percent to 33.5p.

Floated at 225p in October 2013, the e-invoicing company has been a dog stock ever since, but after announcing that it would be sold by Amazon Business to support the US giant’s global e-invoicing program in Europe and the US. was chosen.

The partnership will enable customers to automate the processing of Amazon Business invoices through the Tungsten e-invoicing network.

Christmas is coming and so many people’s thoughts turn to John Lewis but maybe not John Lewis of Hungerford, specialist manufacturer and retailer of kitchen, bedroom and freestanding furniture, not known for its eagerly awaited Christmas commercials, unlike its better known name.

Lesser-known John Lewis saw his shares climb by a third to 1.675p when he entered a 10-year lease on a warehouse facility, with additional office space, in Grove Business Park, close to the company’s manufacturing facilities. used to enter. Annual cost of approximately £65,000.

The first six months are free of rent, which is a Christmas bonus, but sadly not enough to pay for an ad space on TV.

John Lewis of Hungerford, a specialist manufacturer and retailer of kitchen, bedroom and freestanding furniture, saw shares rise by a third this week.

John Lewis of Hungerford, a specialist manufacturer and retailer of kitchen, bedroom and freestanding furniture, saw shares rise by a third this week.

With the Omicron strain of the Covid-19 virus making headlines, zendrive The time has come to present our new Rapid Point of Care Molecular Test for COVID Detection for CE-IVD certification.

The company said the GenDrive COVID kit provides a step-change in rapid molecular testing, giving a positive result in 7.5 minutes and a negative result in 17 minutes.

The news sent shares up 86 percent to 43.25p.

Marshall Motor Holdings That was revised up to 392p (up 43 percent over the week) after its board recommended a takeover offer from Constellation Automotive Group, which owns Cinch and

The offer is worth 400p cash per share.

contract news from pipehawk Shares in the ground-penetrating radar specialist sent up 89 percent to 16.75p.

QM Systems, one of the group’s major subsidiaries, has partnered with Ventiv Ltd. to manufacture (appropriately enough) an unprecedented ‘green energy’ solution for providing domestic heating and hot water.

Napster Group, once the king of the music file-sharing universe (when that was a ‘thing’) and now something going on in the music streaming market as well, hit a banging note with investors by announcing plans to delist from London.

The stock fell 56 per cent to 0.375p.

One to watch for next week is Ondine Biomedicals, a Vancouver, Canada-based life science group that specializes in tackling drug-resistant infections.

The story is especially news considering his work on COVID-19 using a process called photo-disinfection.

It is expected to be admitted to AIM on 6 December with a market capitalization of £195m and is set to raise £22m. Arden Partners will be the designated advisor and broker.


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