‘Smash Bros.’ character reveal should be watched “even if you don’t play” says Sakurai

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“The new fighter may be a character you don’t know”

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super smash bros ultimate Director and series legend Masahiro Sakurai has said that even those interested in the game should check out tomorrow’s final character for the Nintendo Switch title.

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Sakurai said Translated Tweet: “In a day, the last fighter smash bros will be announced. even if you don’t play smash brosIf you are interested in the game, please check it out.”

He added that “the new fighter might be a character you don’t know,” adding that he wants everyone to enjoy the broadcast because he “enjoyed recording it.”


The last super smash bros ultimate The downloadable content (DLC) of Fighter will be revealed tomorrow (Tuesday 5 October) at 3PM BST (4PM CEST). Titled “The Final Battle”, it marks the end of the additional Fighters roster for the Nintendo Fighter, which so far has two DLC packs and a total of 11 additional characters. With the final addition, the roster will be pretty much a total of 82 characters.

as far as the character goes Excellent smash bros I’ve already had some big surprises super smash bros ultimate. joker from person 5, Banjo and Kazooie, and from steve Minecraft to name a few. Popular choices (or unpopular ones, you ask) for Ultimate Fighter include Master Chief, Sora, and even Waluigi, who invited herself to the game in this fan-made trailer.

To reiterate, yesterday’s thunder Character disclosure will be final for the game, as emphasized by Sakurai himself.

In other news, genshine impact update 2.2 The game with Alloy will launch next week with lots of new content coming to other platforms. A new character, island and even a rhythm game will be added later this month.

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