‘Smokey and the Bandit’: Burt Reynolds recalls 1 terrible moment during filming

    Burt Reynolds is a true Hollywood veteran and Smokey and the Bandit One of his most iconic films. In the 1977 action comedy Reynolds was portrayed as Bo “Dasu” Darville, a Boddard T. Justice (Jackie Gleason) had run away and was attempting to smuggle Coors beer into Atlanta.

    Smokey and the Bandit Was a critical and commercial success that spanned two sequels. It also had a cultural influence that is still seen today. However, an old recording of Reynolds reveals a horror that took place on the set. If it had gone the other way, Smokey and the Bandit There will be a very different legacy.

    ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ was a surprise success

    Burt Reynolds as Bo Reynolds in ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ | Silver Screen Collection / Getty Images

    Rookie director Hal Needham conceptualized Smokey and the Bandit As a B film with a budget of $ 1 million. He even wondered if it would become the second highest-grossing film in 1977, IMDb Reported another number Star wars.

    And Reynolds said that he really enjoyed the project. “The film I enjoyed the most Smokey and the Bandit, “The actor said during a 2015 interview at the Macon Film Festival, Cw atlanta Reported. “And I still have one of the Trans Am from the film.”

    Reynolds recalls 1 horror from ‘Smokey and the Bandit’

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    The film was undoubtedly a comedy with many hilarious moments. But one scene during filming caused many viewers to faint with fear.

    This all happened while Reynolds was filming with Sally Field’s stunt double, who was driving the car at the time.

    “She One of the stunt men was beloved, ”the actor said during an interview. Power nation. “She Was very capable. You can throw him from a building, do a fight, and do stuff with him and he is doing a lot of work. But handling a car, it’s a whole thing. “

    The stunt double was to jump one wall with the car, go around the game, and then jump another wall. but that did not happen. “

    She Reynolds driving and she panics, ”Reynolds recalled. “I’ve never seen this happen before with people doing stunts.”

    The car then proceeded to the entire field instead of directly to the children.

    ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ was almost a tragedy on the set

    Fortunately, no child actors were injured during the incident. But it looked that way for a few minutes.

    “I noticed that the kids were missing in front of the car,” the Bo Bandit star continued. “And I was waiting for him, ‘thump, thump, thump.’

    He It also recalled that the parents of all the children reveal a potentially frightening scene to them. “Two mothers fainted. Reynolds said, I don’t blame them.

    The actor told how he later apologized to the parents, though the mistake was not his fault. He He remembered that he was kind and also mentioned how the children found the whole situation fun and exciting.

    It is laughable to know that a tragedy did not happen. But if things went differently, Smokey and the Bandit Will be a memorable film for a completely different reason.

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