Solar eclipse to appear in UK and US skies today – follow live

Watch live as ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse is visible in skies around the world

The world is supposed to be perceived as an annular solar eclipse, or “Ring of Fire”.

The Moon will move in front of the Sun and block most of its light, leaving only a blazing circle around it.

It will be visible in one form or another across most of Europe and northern Asia, including the east coast of the US, the UK and Ireland. Not everyone will get full celestial vision – in those places it will be partial, and the Sun will appear as a crescent in the sky – but many people will get to see something of it.

It begins before sunrise on the east coast of the US, and will happen when the sun comes up in the sky. In the UK, the maximum eclipse occurs just before noon.

As always, the most important caveat is not to look at it directly: without equipment such as eclipse glasses, the light can cause substantial and permanent damage to your eyes.


Here’s what Daniel Brown, an astronomer at Nottingham Trent University, explains what’s happening today:

“Today we see a partial solar eclipse in the UK. This means that for us only 20-30% of the Sun is covered by the Moon, so no chance to notice the general eerie darkness of the day during such an eclipse But if you look at it safely, you can see that the Sun’s disk is obscured.

“If you were able to look so far north in the Arctic, you wouldn’t even see the Sun completely eclipsed. For once we can actually use the word super moon to describe it, Because the Moon was closer to us at the last full moon (Super Moon), this New Moon is smaller rather than pushed out in front of the Sun. So it’s just that small and we end up with a beautiful ring, sometimes called a Ring of Fire. goes.

“Overall, this eclipse is a beautiful example of how striking objects like the Sun and Moon move and interact in our skies. So when you have time, get out there and pinhole, filter, or look at the Sun. Enjoy it safely by launching. Your next chance is October 2022.”

Andrew Griffin10 June 2021 11:37

Less stunning images as eclipse rises in UK

In the UK, the photos being shared of the eclipse are not as surprising. The weather has acted to get in the way of the scene for many.

Andrew Griffin10 June 2021 11:36

Images show the crescent Sun rising over the US

Some more shocking images coming from the US showing the eclipse as it looms over the US:

Andrew Griffin10 June 2021 11:26

Maximum eclipse has now passed over Britain. (Or mainland UK; Shetland still has to come past 27.)

But you still have about an hour left to watch it before it ends in about an hour.

Andrew Griffin10 June 2021 11:23

Live stream offers a chance to see through the clouds

Once again, if the weather or something else is making your view worse, you can give the live stream a try. Click here to view.

Andrew Griffin10 June 2021 11:11

Eclipse reaches its peak in parts of UK

It is 11.03 am, which means the eclipse is reaching its maximum in some parts of the UK. Penzance is now at its peak – although it moves to the north and east of the country, so in places like Inverness and Newcastle, the maximum will not be reached for 15 minutes or more.

Andrew Griffin10 June 2021 11:04

how to watch securely

Here’s a reminder from the Press Association on how to watch today’s eclipse — and what not to do:

Even though a large part of the solar disk will be covered, viewing a partially eclipsed Sun without proper protection can cause serious and permanent damage to the eye.

Emily Drebeck-Monder, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, said: “The eclipse from the UK will be visible only with a few techniques and optical aids.

“Never look directly at the sun or use standard sunglasses – it can cause serious damage to your eyes.”

It is also not wise to not look at the Sun through binoculars, binoculars or telephoto lenses on an SLR camera.

Dr. Drubeck-Mander suggests using a simple pinhole projector, solar eclipse viewing glasses – which can be purchased online – or special solar filters that can be fitted over telescopes to observe the eclipse.

He said: “You can make a projector by making a small hole in a piece of card.

“Hold the card to the sun so that the light shines through the hole and onto a piece of paper on the back of the card.

“You will be able to see the shape of the Sun projected on a piece of paper and it will change shape as the Moon passes in front of the Sun.”

Andrew Griffin10 June 2021 11:02

Eclipse Rises in New York

If the Sun partially obscured by the Moon isn’t enough for you – how about the two of them partially hidden by some other iconic landmark?

Andrew Griffin10 June 2021 10:54

Maximum eclipse times across the US

Here’s a useful list showing when the maximum eclipse will occur in cities across the US this morning. (It’s limited to those who can see it, of course; on the West Coast, there would be no indication that there was ever an eclipse.)

Andrew Griffin10 June 2021 10:47

Sunrise brings a chance to see the eclipse in America

The sun is coming on the east coast and hence people are getting a chance to see the eclipse there as well.

Andrew Griffin10 June 2021 10:45




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