‘Sonic Colours: Ultimate’ patch on Switch fixes potential seizure issues

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The patch also addresses several other bugs and glitches criticized by Switch owners.

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A patch for the Nintendo Switch version of Sonic Colors: Ultimate, which also fixes the problem that causes seizures, is now available.

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Sega yesterday (September 14) deployed the 1.0. platforms”. near future”.

Although there are no detailed patch notes, Switch owners who had early access Sonic Colors: Ultimate Earlier, used to share bugs and crashes affecting the game on social media.


Several clips featured strange graphical glitches or bugs, resulting in Sonic falling through the level, at least one of these included a visual glitch that caused a twitter user Added “Seizure Alert”.

When the social media manager for Sega quickly took up the issue of sound The brand, Katie Krzanowski, responded on Twitter that teams are “listening and assessing for upcoming patches”.

While the patch should resolve most of the reported issues, it did note at the time that some of the graphical issues were caused by an emulator, which is outside the team’s control.

Seizure-triggered scenes are happening in more sports recently than last year cyberpunk 2077 Featured sequences that may induce epileptic seizures, while balan wonderworld Its pre-release version was flagged with a warning of a seizure-inducing bug.


Elsewhere, industry insiders have suggested that Battlefield 2042 There could be a delay in 2022, which could be announced later this week.

It will follow the delays of other major titles this week, including Total War: Warhammer 3 being pushed back to 2022, while Dying Light 2 It has also been delayed till 2022.

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