Sony announces next generation PSVR headset

    The updated system will include better visuals, improved ease of use and a single-cord design

    Sony Interactive Entertainment announced in a blog post today that the company is working on “the next generation of VR on PlayStation”.

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    In a blog post, Sony detailed its intention to release the VR headset on the PlayStation 5. While there is little information about the next PlayStation virtual reality headset, Sony has provided some details about what fans can expect to see in the new headset, including an improved one. Resolution, a wider field of view, and better tracking and input.

    The new console will also dig multiple wire setups of the original PSVR for a single-cord, improving ease of use and simplifying the setup process.

    In an exclusive interview with GQ magazine, Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan, talked about the company’s commitment to VR: “We believe in VR and are very pleased with the results of the current PlayStation VR and think that we are looking forward to our new Will do good business with VR systems. 5.

    “More importantly, we see it as beyond this upcoming iteration which can be really huge and really important.”

    Sony is also developing a new PSVR controller, which will “include some of the key features found in the DualSeed wireless controller.”

    Sincerely: Sony Interactive Entertainment

    The previous PSVR controller, the PlayStation Move Controller, was originally released for the PlayStation 3 in 2010 with the PlayStation camera. It was updated in 2016 with additional compatibility and was released with the PSVR.

    No release date has been provided for the next generation of PSVR headsets, although the blog said it would not be released in 2021 as “there is still a lot of development going on for the new VR system.”

    NME spoke with John Hibbins of Psytec Games and a developer behind the PSVR title Windlands:

    “We are very excited for PSVR 2; We are currently phasing out the PSVR version of Windlands 2 and are eager to support future hardware. “

    “It’s a great day for VR and Sony – awesome and growing with every iteration of VR hardware – it’s great to see the investment and ongoing upgrades.”

    Last week (February 16) Sony was engulfed in flames due to the drift of the joystick in the new PlayStation 5 DualDisk controller.

    According to an IGN report – the lawsuit filed by law firm Chimikles Schwartz Cranner & Donaldson-Smith LLP on 12 February in New York on behalf of plaintiff Lamarck Turner – focuses on dealing with the dual-issue controller issue and Sony’s problem.

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