Sony has patented official PS5 cover plates

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Sony is about to launch a series of official faceplates for its PS5 console, as a new patent is filed that points to covers and skins.

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There is still some uncertainty, as Sony has yet to officially announce any such customization options, and patent listing only (as seen VGC) does not specify PS5. Instead, it is simply titled ‘Cover for an electronic device’ and is described as a “decorative design for a cover for an electronic device”.

However, the diagrams provided show the PS5’s faceplate, split into two pieces mimicking the shape of the white casing on the retail model. More specifically, the patents show the casing design of the disc-based PS5 console, not the all-digital version that lacks a 4K UHD drive.


It should be remembered that the existence of a patent does not always result in the final product being issued – sometimes companies simply secure a patent for copyright or to protect other aspects of an asset.

PS5 faceplates have turned out to be a surprisingly complicated saga though. With no official ones available at or since launch, owners lucky enough to secure consoles had no real way to customize them. As a result, third party companies arose to fill the void. One, Debrand infamously asked Sony to “go ahead, sue us” on its unlicensed plates—which Sony did immediately.

A few days after that, on October 19, Dbrand fired back with a revised range of faceplates, which it said was a “checkmate” for Sony’s lawyers as they replaced the design with additional vents that allegedly It competed with the PS5’s “wildly inefficient thermal design”.

If this latest move points to Sony launching its official range of faceplates for the PS5, it will be a long time – the patent was filed in November 2020 before being granted on November 16, 2021. It’s probably unlikely that anything will be on store shelves before the holidays, but PS5 owners would welcome this development to show some flair.

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