Hollywood actress Sophia Bush said on Twitter that she supports labeling some in the GOP as “terrorist rights”.

The “One Tree Hill” actress has been out on social media throughout the campaign and then since the riots at the US Capitol Building on 6 January. She referred to people who supported Donald Trump in the riots Member of cult And has called on the President to plead guilty to the crimes.

On Monday, it agreed to label Republicans as “terrorist rights” with a tweet posted by California Congressman Jackie Spear, after which the election was held on and through January 6, where security breaches Five people died after. While the US Capitol was meeting to certify the votes of the Senate electorate.

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“Republicans Calling Democrats Radical Left. Time to Call Republicans Terrorists?” Spear wrote.

“It’s time,” Actress commented.

Later in the day, the actress responded to another tweet about the way Trump might use his impeachment trial as a publicity stunt for his next political move.


“He Should be convicted. Accountability is the only way to prevent it from happening again, ” Bush commented. “And Trump officials played the crimes on paper and on live TV, to the horrors of death and destruction, by suffocating the National Guard. It’s not up for debate. @SenateDems @SenateGOP.”

Following the events at the Capitol building, the House of Representatives brought a historic second impeachment on Trump to “incite rebellion”. The House voted 232–197 to impeach the President. Ten Republicans joined with Democrats.

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Sophia Bush called Republicans 'terrorists'.

Sophia Bush called Republicans ‘terrorists’.
(Via David Cretty / Patrick McMullen Getty Image)

The Senate will soon call a trial despite Trump leaving office on January 20.

Prior to the event in the Capitol Building, Bush was vocal on social media and encouraged his followers in Georgia to vote for Rafael Warnock and John Osoff in state runoff elections, which ultimately dictated which party in 2021 Will take control of the Senate.